Express Checkout

The best way to accept payment on Audiogon

Give buyers the convenience of paying by credit card without leaving our site. Attract more customers and increase sales with Express Checkout.


Accept Credit Cards

Buyers pay you with their credit or debit card through Audiogon's secure shopping cart. Your fee for credit card processing is only 2.7% + $0.30 per transaction, lower than PayPal and way less hassle.

Easy & Secure Checkout

Offer buyers secure, one-click credit card payments. No third party payment solutions or checkout screens. Advanced credit card fraud prevention protects you from chargebacks.

Audiogon Protection

All Audiogon Express Checkout transactions are covered by Audiogon Protection. In the event of a dispute, we will assist both the buyer and seller to resolve the issue.

How It Works

Accept credit card payments in three easy steps.

Create an Account

You will be required to verify your identity and you’ll need a U.S. bank account to receive direct deposits.

Receive Payment

When a payment is processed, funds are transferred from the buyer's credit card to your Express Checkout account.

Transfer Funds

Once shipment of the item has been verified, we'll transfer funds from the transaction to your checking account.

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When Do I Get Paid?

Audiogon transfers funds to your bank account 1-5 days after the item has shipped. You must purchase a shipping label through Audiogon or provide a tracking number so that we can verify shipment.

You will have 25 days after receiving payment from the seller to enter the tracking number for your shipment. If we do not have a record that the item has shipped after 25 days we will refund the payment to the buyer.