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Why Sell Audio Equipment on Audiogon?

Over 6,000,000 audiophiles wordwide are waiting.

Selling audio equipment online can be challenging. When it’s Hi-Fi it can be even more so. Luckily, Audiogon is the largest Hi-Fi marketplace and community in the industry. Enthusiasts have been buying and selling high end audio equipment on Audiogon for 20 years. With over 6 million audiophiles visiting the site annually, your item is guaranteed exposure to the right potential buyers—ones that appreciate what you are selling.

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Two Easy Ways to Sell Your Items

Pay Now

  • 4% of Asking Price
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Includes One Free Relist
  • Easiest Way to Sell
  • No Fees After Sale
  • Free To Communicate with Buyers
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Pay Later

  • $5 Insertion Fee
  • 5.5% Transaction Fee
  • No Free Relist
  • Smaller Upfront Fee
  • Transaction Fee After Item Sells
  • Contact Information Restricted
Calculate Fees

Calculate Your Fees

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Pay Now

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Pay Later

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Total is the estimated total cost to you if your item sells. Minimum fee is $5.00. Maximum fee is $700.00. Optional Listing Upgrade fees are not included.

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Dealer Program

Whether you have a large showroom, are a small manufacturer, or are just a very active enthusiast, our dealer program offers high-volume users exclusive selling advantages. From discounted listing fees to a personalized eStore, our dealer program sets you apart to sell more.

Insider Perks

Audiogon Insider™

Audiogon Insider™ is a premium membership tier for those who live and breathe Hi-Fi that provides a richer site experience. Members receive unlimited access to our Audio Bluebook with years of used audio prices, no site ads, live chat and priority support, exclusive discounts, and more.

Have Questions?


How Do I Get Started?

You’ll need to sign up for an Audiogon account and put a credit card on file. Once you do that, enter in your brand and model to start your listing. From there, you’ll add your photos and relevant information, choose your shipping options, choose your listing type, and then you’re all set.

Which Listing Type Should I Choose?

The listing type you choose should be determined by what costs you are willing to incur and when you want to incur them. Pay Now costs are more up-front, but once the item sells, there is no additional transaction fee. Pay Later allows you to post your item with less initial expense, but you’ll then have to pay additional transaction costs when it sells.

Also, Pay Now listings allow for exchange of contact information and off-site communication between potential buyer and seller for negotiation purposes, while Pay Later listings do not. If you anticipate a lot of questions or haggling about shipping solutions, Pay Now will allow you to negotiate these potential hurdles much easier.

Are There Any Other Costs Besides The Listing Fee?

Listing fees are the cost associated with placing an ad or auction on Audiogon. There is a $5 minimum listing fee for all listings on Audiogon. If you choose a Pay Later listing, there is a transaction fee that will be assessed after—and only when—your item is sold. We do offer listing upgrades that increase your visibility and reach for additional cost, but they are optional. Learn more about our fees.

How Long Does It Take To Sell My Item?

Our average list-to-sold time for Classified listings is 10 days. However, that does depend on the item (how rare, listing price, etc.). Auction listings will last for the duration chosen during listing creation.

What Happens After My Item Sells?

You’ll finalize any final details with your buyer, and then depending on what shipping options you selected during listing creation, you can print your shipping label directly from Audiogon. If any issues arise during this process, you’ll always have Audiogon Support to assist you.