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Keys To Success


Setting proper prices is a major key to moving your items quickly. Don't know what your item is worth? No problem! Check out our Audio Bluebook to set the right price every time.


Don't get stressed over shipping your item! Utilize our shipping calculator to get the right price, keep an eye on your package status with our integrated tracking, and print shipping labels directly from your listing.

Payment & Fees

Audiogon offers the lowest prices to sell compared to the other guys. You can choose to pay a traditional transaction fee or even pay upfront at a further reduced rate.


By implementing deep fraud detection, requiring buyers to maintain at least one payment method, and closely monitoring listing activity, we've created one of the safest marketplaces in the business. Go ahead and sell with confidence!


Take advantage of our Listing Upgrades. By upgrading your listing to Bold, you're able to stand out against other items in the marketplace. When you upgrade to Featured, your listing will be showcased on the homepage and on Category pages.

Dealer Program

Are your selling needs heavier than most? Our Dealer Program might be the right fit for you. Discounted pricing for listing creation and listing upgrades, a personalized eStore, and much more.

Why Sell on Audiogon?

With over 400,000 users and hundreds of new equipment and music listings daily, Audiogon is the largest community for high-end audio. You'll be taking advantage of the largest available audience, to get your item sold quickly!

Audiogon by the Numbers

over 8 million

monthly page views


average days from listed to sold


daily market value of sold listings


committed to the high-end audio community

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Helpful Tips

To get the most bang for your buck

  • Promote your listings through all forms of social media at your disposal
  • Take well-lit pictures of your items, utilizing multiple angles
  • Be sure to leave honest feedback for buyers after a transaction is completed
  • Respond to any offers or questions from buyers promptly and courteously
  • Provide detailed and accurate descriptions of your items
  • Avoid off-site communication, as it creates greater risk for the seller