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STOP - READ THIS. We are a business member of Audiogon and pay a fixed monthly fee and therefore no commissions on sales. It is much easier if you respond directly to our email at rather that thru the Audiogon system. If you want a faster response (as well as our gratitude), please use this email to ask questions or to make a purchase. Thanks in advance!

Absolutely Neutral, Truly Transparent - With Abbey Road Interconnect Cables it sounds as if there is no cable at all! Used in the world renown Abbey Road Recording Studios - Your music was made with these cables!

Abbey Road "Monitor" Interconnect - stock photo 

Special Sale on Demo Abbey Road Interconnects (price per pair):

1.5m Monitor, RCA, Retail $580, sell for $260

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Testimonials (for all Abbey Road cables)

"ARC (Abbey Road Cable) reference is at least as good as any I've tried, with a natural sweetness and neutrality that's immediately impressive and ingratiating ... A sweet and delicate character that's very inviting and thoroughly enjoyable, alongside a very authoritative and precise bottom end ".
 - Paul Messenger Hi Fi plus; Nov 2006 

"I was really impressed with this cable. The new digital cable blew every other digital cable out the water. I am currently using the Abbey Road ' Reference' speaker cable at Olympic Studios; it has excellent imagery and natural clarity across a wide range of production styles that gives a sense of truth to the sound. It is an amazingly accurate cable."
 - Cenzo Townshend, Mix Engineer: New Order, Kaiser Chiefs, U2, The Cranberries, Snow Patrol, Hothouse Flowers, Echo And The Bunnymen, Skin, The Webb Brothers, Lloyd Cole, Athlete, The Lightning Seeds, Bloc Party, The Editors, Baby Shambles, Klaxons, Reverend And The Makers

"Extra levels of quality shine through as the cable allows your system to stamp its authority on the music with its focus and control".
 - What Hi FI,  June 2005 

"I have always been a skeptic when it comes to the benefits of using specialist 'boutique' speaker cables.  However, I changed my mind pretty quickly after plugging in my new set of abbey road cables. The difference was definitely audible, I'm getting way more detail out of my monitoring environment. I was very surprised that speaker cable could deliver such differing results. They are not all created equal. I am now a believer and will be using these cables across the board in my studio.  Great build quality and designed to last."  
 - Gareth Johnson, Co-Producer / Co-Writer / Engineering / Guitar / Bass / Keys / Programming: Natalie Imbruglia, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. 5.1 mixes: Razorlight, The Who, Noel Gallagher, Kaiser Chiefs Kasabian, , Jade Ewen, Paul Weller, Razorlight, The Coral, Bloc Party, Goldfrapp

"All in all, here's an excellent, even and open sounding cable from a welcome new name".
 - Hi FI WORLD May 2006

"I use Abbey Road reference speaker cable in my mixing room and it sounds fantastic. The clarity, dynamics, and sense of space you achieve from these cables is nothing short of astounding. I always want to use the best equipment possible and this cable was the obvious choice."  
 - Jez Coad, Producer and co writer of Simple Minds Black and White 050505, mix engineer/producer Andrew Strong (The Commitments), The Gutter Brothers, Skamp, The Surfing Brides and Prodigy [live mixes]. 

All EMI Abbey Road Studios
are wired with Abbey Road Cable

"Abbey Road has a reputation for technical excellence. In a studio environment this cable enhanced the musical detail and improved the stereo image. A quality product that demands Abbey Road's seal of approval".
 - EMI Abbey Road Studios  

"Abbey Road cable sounds amazing. Its stereo imaging is second to none Who would have thought that cable could make such a difference!"  
 - Bill Padley, Writer/producer Atomic Kitten, Ronan Keating, Shayne Ward. 


In association with EMI Abbey Road Studios Moving Air Limited has produced ground-breaking results in cable technology.

Using scientific principles and advice from some of the best engineers in the business Abbey Road has studied how cable affects the audio signal. Armed with those findings Abbey Road then set about producing what many believe is the best audio cable around.

Whether it is music production, film sound or album mix when you buy into Abbey Road Cable you are buying into authentic sound. Abbey Road Cables have really gone to the technological limits to get an astounding result.  That result is a cable that works as if there is no cable at all. That means to have a cable that, in audio terms, is absolutely neutral, one that is truly transparent.

Abbey Road Cables is about your hi-fi sounding authentic. With Abbey Road Cable you know that at the heart of your system is the experience of BAFTA nominated dubbing mixer Dan Gable and the expertise of leading studio designer Michael Whiteside. And behind Abbey Road Cable is the confidence and unique experience of EMI Abbey Road's engineers, unparallel in professional recording.


The Design Principle
Technical evolution
The phase coherency of in-audible ultra-sonic components of sound dramatically affects how we hear the audibile frequencies. Getting things to work well above the audio spectrum was the key to achieving a fast and relaxed, natural sound.

Having a fast cable is one thing; having it with consistent electrical properties is another. With Abbey Road's unique twin dielectric system they have achieved both. All dielectrics have an electrical 'absorbency' and act like a 'sponge' slowing down the audio signal. Their gas foamed polyethylene primary dielectric reduces this. A secondary dielectric of solid polyethylene gives low and consistent capacitance. The twin dielectrics work together to give both speed and accuracy.

Cable with a twist
Abbey Road Cable's characteristic starquad and pair twist has a purpose. Potential electromagnetic waves meet equal areas of positive and negative conductors causing them to cancel out the interference by phase reversal. This type of noise rejection does not
use a screen. Without a screen, capacitance is reduced significantly. Capacitance affects imagery and muddies the signal. In short the less capacitance the better. It also looks great too.

Abbey Road's study of electromagnetic fields in cables led to the development of our ultra fine stranded silver-OFC hybrid conductor. Constructed to eliminate the usual parasitics of stranding, this conductor gives linear phase response across the full audio spectrum and beyond. Phase linearity and dielectric neutrality are the essentials behind the natural staging of Abbey Road Cable.

Abbey Road uses a mix of pure copper and silver plated copper to make their conductors with. Silver is the best conductor material known, and copper is very close at only 3% less. Gold is a poor conductor, some 40% less than copper, and is generally only used to plate connectors to prevent corrosion. Abbey Road's method of using a combination of both copper and silver enhances the response to be better than that of even pure silver. The silver plated and plain copper strands work in parallel; conduction starts in the silver and then migrates to the copper seamlessly, copper conduction taking over from the silver below very high lower frequencies. Pure silver alone would not create this special high pass channel. The overall effect is a conductor system that actually combats high frequency phase distortion in a creative way that out performs pure silver. 

Features and Specifications 

Abbey Road "Monitor Starquad" Interconnect
The screen-free aspect of this Starquad interconnect cable means it has very low capacitance. It gives one of the best listening experiences, as reported by prominent audiophiles, compared to other cables of several times more cost. This reflects Abbey Road's design focus toward achieving a phase coherent response.

  • Conductors: 4x 28/0.1 high purity, oxygen free copper
  • Primary dielectric layer: Olefinic/nitrogen foamed primary
  • Second dielectric layer: Solid polyethylene secondary skin
  • Lay: Orbital twist, 100mm lay length
  • Capacitance (min) 33pF/m, 11.6pF/ft
  • Resistance (starquad format) 0.037 ohms/m, 0.012 ohms/ft
  • Overall jacket Crystal clear PVC
  • Overall diameter 6.0mm /0.24 inch
  • The cable is available as boxed stereo pairs terminated with Neutrik gold plated RCA phonos or Neutrik gold plate pin XLR plugs.

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STOP - READ THIS. We are a business member of Audiogon and pay a fixed monthly fee and therefore no commissions on sales. It is much easier if you respond directly to our email at rather that thru the Audiogon system. If you want a faster response (as well as our gratitude), please use this email to ask questions or to make a purchase. Thanks in advance!

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