DYNAMIC DESIGNTBK NEBULA usedDYNAMIC DESIGN TBK NEBULA  POWER CORDDynamic Design has decided to make available for sale their very limited edition TBK Nebula series power cord 6' demo.. A brief history, the TBK Nebula series were the original flagship of the Nebu...1500.00


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Dynamic Design has decided to make available for sale their very limited edition TBK Nebula series power cord 6' demo.. A brief history, the TBK Nebula series were the original flagship of the Nebula line, with the renowned THB Nebula series rounding out the Nebula line. As a company flagship, DD spared no expense in the development of the TBK Nebula series, super exotic and rare materials, incredibly advanced technologies, like Dynamic Shielding™ and, super innovative processes were developed for the TBK Nebula series and subsequently trickled down to the THB Nebula and beyond. The TBK Nebula power cords feature huge custom bi-metal ribbon conductors in a super flexible flat design, also used by Fermilab; it also features an ultra high efficiency, custom foil/Teflon shield that produce an amazing 100% coverage and a shocking -110db shielding effectiveness; Its gorgeous Aramid/Carbon Fiber jacket augments the performance of the Dynamic Shielding circuit beneath it for incredibly ultra wide-bandwidth performance!
 There are several of these power cords available in a minimum 6ft length, some were custom built for the show (blue LEDs to match electronics) and others have the standard Nebula series orange LEDs. Most are in like new condition but have some minor wear and tear on them.

 In 2006 Bosendorfer New York and Art Audio invited DD to join them at CES/T.H.E. Show for a cost no object demonstration that sought to introduce listeners to a new type of listening experience. For this DD designed and displayed the awesome TBK Nebula system consisting of TBK Nebula interconnects, speaker cables, power cords and, AC conditioner. The TBKs were also displayed briefly in the Bosendorfer New York store to showcase their systems. See below for excerpt from Stereotimes’ senior editor, Dave Thomas coverage of the room: “Bosendorfer. Talk about attention-getting, Bosendorfer New York’s lovely Lisa Feldman displayed a $750,000! Swarovski crystal encrusted piano in their showroom entrance (This is a limited edition piano. Only one left, so hurry!). Unfortunately, it wasn’t being played so you could only appreciate its visual beauty and not its musical prowess. Initially, the same thing might have been said of their audio display as well. This was one of those rooms that had some difficulty getting the room acoustics just right at the start of the show, but eventually they made some changes to their over-damped room that resulted in a wonderfully balanced and exciting musical presentation. Bosendorfer’s elegant flagship VC7 loudspeakers ($22,000/pr) were the focal point of the setup but they were aided tremendously by Dynamic Design “Nebulas Series – TBK” cables throughout (speaker cables $10,000/8’ pr, power cords $4,000/6’, and interconnects $4,000/1m). Amplification came from the always good Art Audio Adagio monoblocks amps ($20,000/pr) and Gill Audio Alana preamp ($4,500). Einstein’s excellent Last Record Player tube CD player ($7,500) was the front end source. These speakers are the ultimate in spousal acceptance. They have a small foot print and are extremely well built. But they will also satisfy the most demanding audiophiles who prefer large-as-life soundstaging, musicality and dynamics. The Dynamic Design cables are known for their ability to uncover the truth in recordings and they certainly helped to pour every bit of music through these excellent speakers.” I’ve decided to offer these babies at a fixed price regardless of length so be sure to get in early if you want longer lengths or your choice of blue or orange LEDs. This is a great opportunity to collect a true collectors’ edition, great performing power cords that look and perform like no other for a giveaway price! 
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