Shunyata ResearchZitron AlphaShunyata Research Zitron Alpha Digital C15 1.75m power cordShunyata Research Zitron Alpha Digital 1.75m C15 15 amp power cord. Serial number: 16037 Original owner, less than 6 months old. Always used in a non-smoking, pet-free environment. Absolutely...750.00

Shunyata Research Zitron Alpha Digital C15 1.75m power cord [Expired]

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Shunyata Research Zitron Alpha Digital 1.75m C15 15 amp power cord. Serial number: 16037 Original owner, less than 6 months old. Always used in a non-smoking, pet-free environment. Absolutely like new with all paperwork, warranty card, packing and original box. Superb power cord that handily out-performs the Valhalla power cords I was using in my system. The Zitron Alpha represents the sweet spot in Shunyata's power cord line-up providing almost all of the performance of their flagship Zitron Sigma power cords at less than half the price and provides all the performance of competing brands costing thousands more. Only selling because I am selling the digital music server I was using this power cord with. Here is what Shunyata has to say about their Zitron Alpha power cords: "Shunyata ZiTron Alpha Digital Power Cable Shunyata has unleashed their biggest advance in power-cord technology with the Zitron Alpha Digital cables. They are specifically designed for digital components. Shunyata founder Caelin Gabriel designed the Alpha Digital to reduce the noise floor on all types of digital electronics, whether digital audio or video. It renders unmistakable improvement on digital players, DACs, Class-D amps, Blu-ray players, audio and video servers, and all other digital and video gear. The first and only power cable to act as a power-line conditioner on its own, the Alpha Digital Power Cord will simply leave you with your jaw on the floor. All these claims have been proven, and all doubters have been banished. Try one for yourself. This is a serious game changer! The Alpha Digital power cord was developed directly by Caelin Gabriel to target and measurably reduce the extreme high-frequency noise generated by all types of digital electronics, whether in audio or video applications. The noise reducing property of the Alpha Digital is so significant that this can be objectively measured using a Power Analyzer. More importantly, even a brief evaluation will yield an unmistakable, dramatic improvement in sound or image quality. In the old days, power cords designed specifically for digital used ferrous metals or heavy shielding that did more to "tune" the sound than improve it. These outdated treatments had obvious colorations such as dynamic compression and a dulling, or darkening of sound. The Alpha Digital power cord delivers a dramatic reduction in measured noise without any side-effect, leading to clearer visual images and better sound in every conceivable digital application, including new Class-D amplifiers. Technology The functional core of the Alpha Digital is Gabriel's re-working of the circuit, which has already demonstrated measurable improvement in square-wave response tests. This manipulation within the Alpha Digital lead to an immediate reduction in high-frequency noise, making this the first and only power cord that is essentially an independent power conditioner, without the associated box, added cost and connections. Of course, all of Shunyata's other treatments remain in play, from the CDA 101 Alpha-Cryogenic copper to Shunyata's own CopperConn connectors." PLEASE NOTE: This is a C15 15 amp power cord that will mate with most components using a standard 15 amp IEC power inlet. This is not the cord to use to supply Shunyata's power distribution equipment such as Hydra, PS8, MPC-12 or Trition which require a power cord with the C19 20 amp plug. I welcome world-wide inquiries but please note this is a standard North American power cable (non-EU). I will ship immediately upon clearance of payment into my account. Non-North American purchasers please provide a US-based trans-shipment address. I will ship world-wide directly to most addresses served by the US Postal Service in lieu of a trans-shipment address but purchaser accepts responsibility for VAT, duty, import taxes, postage and insurance (highly recommended) and assumes all risk for non-delivery. Paypal please add 3%
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