APC Model H15APC  Model H15 Power Conditioner for Audio and Home Theater!APC H15 Home Theater Power Conditioner! S/N PZ0717130649 At 17" wide by 3.5" high by ...149.00

APC Model H15 Power Conditioner for Audio and Home Theater! [Expired]

no longer for sale

     APC H15 Home Theater Power Conditioner!


                                                    S/N PZ0717130649

At 17" wide by 3.5" high by 9.5" deep, the APC H15 looks like a DVD player without a disc drawer and fits into an equipment rack as easily as any source component. Its body is light gray, its faceplate silver. The acceptable input-voltage range of operation is 92-144V with a nominal voltage of 120V AC. The allowable input frequency for operation is between 47 and 63Hz.


On the rear of the H15 are two rows of six outlets each. The top row is marked "Digital Filter." Any component can be plugged into one of these outlets, but the top bank is optimized to protect your most sensitive digital devices: source components, cable or satellite box, and monitor. The bottom row is divided into three zones: a video filter for a TV and VCR, an analog filter for a tuner and preamp or receiver, and a high-current filter for power amplifiers and subwoofers.


The second half of the rear panel has inputs and outputs for various other types of surge protection. The first section is a bank of coax/RF connectors: three for cable, two for satellite. The cable connectors allow you to go into the H15 with one coax cable; the H15 then splits this feed in two, one each for your cable box and cable modem. A phone-line surge protector and splitter are also provided.


Other features on the rear of the H15 include a central grounding terminal. This connection helps eliminate the ground-loop problems commonly found in home-theater systems. APC also includes a manual circuit breaker. A surge coming through the power line will trip this breaker and thus protect your valuable equipment. Finally, there are two DC triggers, an input and an output; this allows one component to power up before another.


On the front, eight LEDs indicate the statuses of the H15’s various functions. Wiring OK warns that there’s a problem with the wiring of the outlet and that the H15 should be unplugged. Above that is Line OK, which indicates when the AC line’s input voltage is within an acceptable range. If Line OK is dark, then the H15 is required to boost or trim the power it releases to your system, at which point the Filtering and Line Boost LEDs light up. When the Overload LED is lit, unplug one piece of equipment at a time until the light goes off. In this case, you may need more than one H15 for your system. There are also a power button and two setup buttons.


The main feature on the H15’s face is its digital display, which provides detailed information about the current power situation. When the Line Boost LED was lit, the display showed the amount of power coming in vs. the amount of power called for by my system. I could read these LEDs from my listening seat and confirm the time of day my AC power was most strained.

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