Coherent Systems Corporation EAU-1 ElectraclearCoherent Systems Corporation  EAU-1 Electraclear parallel AC line conditionerCoherent Systems Corporation EAU-1 Electraclear S/N 00060 Improves Audio &...100.00

Coherent Systems Corporation EAU-1 Electraclear parallel AC line conditioner [Expired]

no longer for sale

      Coherent Systems Corporation EAU-1 Electraclear

                                                             S/N 00060

                                                   Improves Audio & Video.

                Interesting tweak that enhances one’s room with radio frequencies.

From the manufacture:  The manufacturer says that use of the EAU-1 will accomplish the following: higher resolution, clearer sound, greater definition and distinction of instruments and performers, more spatial depth, more presence and fullness, reduced harshness, and greater listener involvement. TheEAU-1 is a parallel line conditioner, which means that it plugs into the same circuit as your components, with nothing plugging into it. It treats the AC line through what appears to be a pulse clock that has undergone some kind of treatment, causing a "soothing" of the electron flow in your wiring. If you think this verges on the spooky, let me quote the manufacturer’s literature: "The ELECTRACLEAR features an advanced super-conductive, electromotive, coherent technology, UT CodeTM, which utilizes complex principles of resonance to change the quality of electromagnetic fields. By establishing resonance of an extremely high degree of order and stability, the turbulent electromagnetic fields surrounding all the equipment assume a positive or balanced vertical energy flow. Ordinarily, there is unwanted interference or stress in electricity created by the chaotic electron motion in the electromagnetic field. Stress in any system creates a form of entropy called rigidity, which decreases the operating capacity of electricity. When the interference in the electric current enters your stereo system, it inhibits the optimal performance of your equipment. When the ELECTRACLEAR EAU-1 is plugged into the electricity powering your system, sustained coherent resonance produces smooth, frictionless functioning of the current enabling all your electronic components to deliver their peak performance."

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