LevelarBantamLevelar Bantam Power ConditionnerUltra Fidelity Power ConditionnerTES TechnologyWorth $400 and does exactely the job describe belowSurge protection, clean RF, EMI4 outlets, 600 watts, 5 ampsExcellent working order, I moved to a Br...100.00

Levelar Bantam Power Conditionner [Template]

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Ultra Fidelity Power Conditionner
TES Technology

Worth $400 and does exactely the job describe below

Surge protection, clean RF, EMI
4 outlets, 600 watts, 5 amps
Excellent working order, I moved to a Bryston 20 amps power conditionner

From INET site Leveler
Ideal for multiple POS kiosks or larger wattage needs in high-stress environments.
Guaranteed safe power to your equipment. Costs nothing to use, unlike transformers Tough, Durable aluminum construction
No-failure design for peace of mind — Outperforms isolation transformers and surge suppressors, hands-down
Small, light, no open vents.
Cleans and corrects AC ground to be equal or better than an unpredictable isolated ground circuit - no IG outlets needed!
Designed to keep running and NOT shut down in “extreme voltage” conditions
Unlimited Joules of Energy Protection
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