Acoustic PreferenceGRACIOSO 1.0 AW-newAcoustic Preference GRACIOSO 1.0 AW-newFor sale is a pair of Acoustic Preference Gracioso 1.0 AW (American walnut) speakers with original wooden stands - NEW!!!!!!BUY DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER FOR THE BEST PRICES EVER!!!-Retail price for...6990.00

Acoustic Preference GRACIOSO 1.0 AW-new [Expired]

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For sale is a pair of Acoustic Preference Gracioso 1.0 AW (American walnut) speakers with original wooden stands - NEW!!!


-Retail price for that model in retail stores is 9000 EUR ( 11.650$).

-We are manufacturer of that High-End quality loudspeakers and we offer this pair for special Action price.

-To create that excellent loudspeakers for you, we need at least 50 hours of hand work of different specialists for wood, electronic, design, testing and quality control.

-Every pair of our loudspeakers are handcrafted on customers demand and we can not produce them in large series, because every piece of wood is separate, every detail is made by our hands and very careful tested before we send them to customers.

-Only if you hear loudspeakers in your room and with your Audio equipment, you can know if you like their sound. You have 30 days time for test our loudspeakers.

-You can get all information’s about loudspeakers direct from creators.

-Buy direct also provide you the best after sell service, because you solve warranty direct with manufacturer.

-For Gracioso line loudspeakers we offer re-waxing of housings if you will maybe made some damage on them.

-That is the only way that customers get the best for their money.

Please check acoustic-preference official site or Google (search for Gracioso 1.0) for all the other details and reviews about those speakers.

Please fell free to contact us for any additional details.



Speakers will be shipped in original packing, 4 separate wooden boxes at around 20-25 kg each.

For shipping outside EU states, please contact us!
We can not shipped to states where UPS don’t deliver!

With manufacturers Invoice and 5 years of warranty.

Payment by wire transfer, PayPal or Cash on delivery - COD-for EU only.

For EU states only - COD payment: you pay 40% before shipping and 60% to shipping agent (UPS) when item will delivered.

For states outside EU COD is not possible!



5 years full warranty.

30 day money back guarantee.
-Loudspeakers must be returned in original packaging and undamaged.


• 2-way/bass reflex system
• 12 dB/oct/LKR/2200 Hz crossover
• Nominal power, 150 W
• Impedance, 8 Ohm
• Frequency response, 50 Hz - 20 kHz
• Sensitivity, 88 dB / 1W/ 1M
• Dimensions-loudspeaker: 260 x 365 x 360 mm (W x D x H)
• Dimensions-stand: 260 (310) x 365(420) x 690 mm (W x D x H) with spikes.
• Weight: Loudspeaker: 12,6 kg/piece; Stand 18,6 kg/piece;
• Transport Weight: 4 wooden boxes: 102 kg UPS volume wieght;

• 160 mm Morel High Performance bass-midrange
• One-piece DPC cone/dust cap for smooth, extended response and firm bass
• Large diameter aluminum former for efficient heat transfer
• 75 mm diameter HEXATECH voice coil for high power handling and superior dynamics
• Massive die-cast open aluminum basket for flat and smooth response
• Natural felt disc for absorption of unwanted reflections

• Morel 28 mm High Performance Elite series tweeter
• ACUFLEX hand-treated soft dome and aluminum faceplate
• HEXATECH voice coil for high power handling and superior dynamics
• Triple Ferrite magnet system
• Linear motion for high sensitivity, fast transient response and high definition

• 12 dB/oct/LKR/2200 Hz crossover
• Mundorf Air Foil Coils, 99.999% pure OFC-copper with Polypropylene insulation.
• Mundorf High-End Audio Grade MKP capacitors, matched to 0.5% tolerance.
• Exclusive custom braid - HGA Solid Silver/Teflon insulated inner wiring
• High quality Bi-wire WBT terminals

From StereoMojo review:Review by William Schuchard

The Acoustic Preference Gracioso 1.0 speakers are a reference quality monitor. Every aspect of this speaker was taken to the nth degree such as their hand - built walnut cabinets, carefully crafted to control resonance and dispersion and the use of very high quality drivers and components. When one purchases these speakers, they are not just looking for good sound, but world-class sonics wrapped in heirloom quality cabinetry and hardware.Their neutral sound characteristic, dynamic capacity, exemplary bass response, extraordinary soundstage and imagining are likely to be a big hit with music lovers. As in most artistic endeavors, opinions are split regarding the appearance of the Gracioso's. Some think they are gorgeous while others think they are more gaudy. But then the word "gaudy" comes from the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi famous for the cathedral in Barcelona as well as many other very ornate structures. Whichever way your tastes run, they are certainly eye catching and look like no other speaker in the world.

Consumers whose currency is based on the Euro may find these to be a great deal. While the $10,000 price point seems high for a stand mount speaker, it really is not that unusual. The Herbage M40.1 at $13,000, the Sonus Faber Guarneri at $15,000 , MBL 121 at $14,000 are just a few examples of others. There is no doubt that this offering from Slovenia is a perfectionist, no compromise assault on the monitor speaker state-of-the-art. Those that can afford it may find themselves being seduced and falling in love with a speaker that can be very addicting.

From EnjoyTheMusic review:

A Feast for both ears and eyes straight from Slovenia in Eastern Europe.Review By Anthony NicosiaConclusionMy time with the Acoustic Preference Gracioso 1.0 loudspeakers along with their matching factory stands seemed way too short. These loudspeakers sat amidst a group of towering giants (physically speaking) from Legacy, Klipsch and Magnapan where the only way they could differentiate themselves would be through sonic performance, and perform with excellence they did. While the 1.0's can be driven with lesser audio gear they are best suited to be mated with electronics of equal quality with which to bring out their very best. Placing them with top of the line source components, proper power and preamplifier's as well as cabling (yes power conditioners too) will reward you with exquisite music to be enjoyed for years to come. Doing so you might find yourself amazed at this loudspeakers ability to convey the essence of a performance.While small in size (relatively speaking) they did not seem so when playing back large scale musical passage and astonished me with their ability to fill my room with beautiful sound. While not having experienced any of their other models it would seem to me if one is seeking out loudspeakers for use in a very large room, or those that will extend down lower for more bass impact, the next logical step would be to move up the line checking out their larger floor standing models. Normally I research a company quite thoroughly before taking on an assignment in an effort to assure myself of getting something which will fit my system so as to sound at its very best.

With this review Steven Rochlin, the editor of Enjoy the Music, set me up with Marjan Tancer of Acoustic-Preference before I had time to think it through which was a lucky break for me so as not to foolishly overlook the 1.0's out of pure ignorance. This is why he is the editor and I just listen and review. My thanks to Steven Rocklin and Acoustic-Preference for allowing me to experience loudspeakers that made me rethink my obsession with size and to enjoy a listening experience with loudspeakers from the truly high-end side of our hobby.

Bravo Acoustic- Preference!
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