Symposium AcousticsSegue ISO Light or Medium DutySymposium Acoustics Segue ISO Light or Medium Duty 19 x 14 PlatformThis would be a brand new Symposium Acoustics Segue ISO Light (Up to 40lbs) or Medium (Up to 80 lbs) Duty 19 x 14 Platform. Same price!Placed under turntables, and especially suspensionless, solid...329.00

Symposium Acoustics Segue ISO Light or Medium Duty 19 x 14 Platform [Expired]

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This would be a brand new Symposium Acoustics Segue ISO Light (Up to 40lbs) or Medium (Up to 80 lbs) Duty 19 x 14 Platform.  Same price!

Placed under turntables, and especially suspensionless, solid-plinth turntables, the Segue ISO will provide improved sonic performance and reduced interaction from footfall shock and bass feedback, perennial problems with analog playback.  Importantly, the new LDSS footer system achieves this without adding the resonances, coloration, or unwanted artifacts that are the bane of rubber ball feet, sorbothane pucks, magnetic suspensions, or conventional spring suspension systems.

The Segue ISO Platform was reviewed by Andre Marc of Positive Feedback Issue 73 / May/June 2014.  He said of the product:

"The Musical Fidelity offered up a overall more refined picture, very similar to what I first heard with my  Naim players, although the CDT (Musical Fidelity) is a slot loader.  Actually, it even made disc
playback very difficult to distinguish from file playback via the network."  ..and "A final twist.  I used the Segue ISO underneath a series of vintage reel to reel decks, as I have started a project where I am dubbing high quality classic 7.5ips prerecorded tapes to 24/192 and DSD digital.
There was an improvement in the overall presentation and the digital master, as monitored via the headphones." Finally...The products under review here, the Svelte Shelf, Svelte Plus, The Segue, and the Segue ISO  platforms are home runs.  I can’t recommend them highly enough for a variety of applications."

For interested parties in the Long Island area, please visit East End Hi-Fi for a demo where we create "Synergistic Systems for the Discriminating Music Lover". We will help you transform your CD/LP collection back into music again!!

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