ADA Audio Design AssociatesHTR-2400 Home TheaterADA Audio Design Associates HTR-2400 Home Theater Multi-Room ReceiverThis is an Audio Design Associates (ADA) HTR-2400 Home & Theater A/V Receiver (9 Zones!). It works great and is good cosmetic condition with some scratches/scuffs from having been rack mounted...1999.00

ADA Audio Design Associates HTR-2400 Home Theater Multi-Room Receiver [Expired]

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This is an Audio Design Associates (ADA) HTR-2400 Home & Theater A/V Receiver (9 Zones!). It works great and is good cosmetic condition with some scratches/scuffs from having been rack mounted. It comes with 6 keypads (4-MC6111's & 2-MC4500's), an AM/FM antenna combiner, power cord, and a CD-ROM containing the owner's manual and programming software. This unit is capable of running a complete 7.1 theater, plus 8 independent stereo zones that are all controllable with ADA keypads. Everything is self-contained within this receiver, including amps for the theater zone and all of the multi-room zones. The only things you'll need to add are antennas, speakers, speaker wire, and CAT5 cable for the keypads. This particular HTR-2400 has a Sirius satellite radio tuner (subscription required) in addition to the separate AM/FM/WX tuner. Although this unit does not have HDMI, it does have a multi-channel analog input which will allow you to still enjoy SACD and/or the new hi-resolution blu-ray audio formats. The following is the description taken from ADA's website: Typically, A/V receivers are designed for home theater and today you can also purchase multi-room receivers that are designed to run your home. The HTR-2400 is the world's first A/V receiver that will do both, all in an elegant and easy to use design. The front panel features a seven-inch color LCD monitor that previews what is playing in the home theater. The control knobs facilitate full house-wide operation - you can see what you are controlling on the display. As the winner of the coveted Distributed Audio Award for "Best Amplifier, Controller, Receiver", the HTR-2400 combines eight rooms of audio/video with a ninth-zone home theater where the theater shares the components available to the entire house (in addition to digital sources specific to the theater). All nine rooms are fully amplified so external power amplifiers are not required. Also built into the HTR-2400 are two tuners which can be customized to suit your pleasure using ADA's standard AM/FM tuner or premium tuners including ADA's HD Digital AM/FM tuner, Sirius Satellite tuner, or XM Satellite tuner. You determine what two tuners you want and each tuner can be listened to simultaneously in different rooms along with six other possible source components. In addition to these features, the HTR-2400 outputs ADA's unmistakable sound quality making this superior home & theater receiver sonically standout. Lastly, the HTR-2400 also incorporates all the accessories needed for the installation of your system including the IR learner, keypad wiring harness, source AC switcher, system clock, and RS-232 port. 8 Zone Multi-Room And Home Theater Receiver: 2 Built In Tuner Modules, AM/FM/WX & One Premium Tuner (Sirius) 8 Analog Audio Inputs And 8 Composite Video Inputs 8 Zones Digital Power Amplification 7 Zones Of Composite Video (Video Output 1 Is For Theater Zone) Internal IRL-5000 IR Source Learner/Controller (8 Sources) Internal Programmable Four Outlet Source AC Switcher Works With All ADA Keypads & Touch Screens Internal WH-2000 For 8 Keypads With CAT-5 RJ-45 Internal CMB-1 Real Time System Clock Calibrates All Keypads Internal BRT-1 Baud Rate Translator For IR Control Front Panel Mini RS-232 Jack For PC Setup Rear Panel Isolated RS-232 For Setup Or System Integration Home Theater Section: 100 Watt Per Channel 7.1 Channel High Current Amplifier Theater Can Be Controlled From MC-4500 And/Or IR Remote (Not Included) Accesses 8 Analog Audio Inputs Including Both Tuners Accesses 8 Composite Video Inputs 8 Additional Audio Inputs - 6 Coax, 2 TOS-Link 4 Additional S-Video And 3 Component Video Inputs Additional 6 Channel DVD Audio/SACD Analog Input Balance Level/Time Delay Presets 7.1 Channel Line-Level Audio Output Low Voltage DC Trigger For External Theater Power Amplifier 45 lbs. 8.75"H x 19"W x 25"D Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I will be happy to ship this anywhere in the world, however, please realize that it is very heavy and international shipping/customs fees will be at the buyer's expense. Buyer must add 4% to grand total if paying via Paypal. Serious inquiries only please!!!!
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