Anti-Cablesby Paul SpeltzAnti-Cables by Paul Speltz 10 foot stereo setThe Anti-Cables can be purchased at any length for $10/foot for a stereo set. For example, a 10 foot stereo set (for 2 speakers) is only $100. The stereo set comes with each speaker wire pair, f...0.00

Anti-Cables by Paul Speltz 10 foot stereo set [Expired]

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The Anti-Cables can be purchased at any length for $10/foot for a stereo set. For example, a 10 foot stereo set (for 2 speakers) is only $100. The stereo set comes with each speaker wire pair, factory twisted and fully terminated with 8 of our excellent new solid copper spades (different then shown in the photo), that has a stepped opening that fit both the standard 1/4" (6mm), and the larger 5/16" (8mm) binding posts. Optional Banana plugs terminations or bare wire ends (un-terminated) come at no extra charge. Try them 30 days risk free. If you decide they don't sound more like real music and less like speaker cables then what you are using, call us for return authorization for a full refund. The Anti-Cable Challenge: If you purchased a copycat looking set of speaker cables with the promise of better sound, buy my Anti-Cables and within 30 days you can return either my Anti-Cables for full credit or the copycat cables to me for half credit. Yes, that is right! I am so sure your system will sound more like real music with my Anti-Cables, I am willing to buy back the equal length copycat cables from you at half price, so you can better enjoy your music with my Anti-Cable speaker wires. Please specify you are taking "The Anti-Cable Challenge" when you place the order to qualify. FLAT RATE SHIPPING: US Priority = $8 Canada = $22 International = $29 To order: - email: - call 651-735-0534 The Anti-Cables have now been awarded The Absolute Sound's Editors Choice Award five years in a row (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, & 2010), which means they are considered to be "the best of the best". This is quite amazing, considering they cost 1/100 as much as others on the list. ...and the best awards of all: The Absolute Sound's Top 200 Audio Products 2010 and 2011 (issue 197 & 207) The Absolute Sound's Top 200 Audio Products for 2011 lists the Anti-Cables along with only 9 other speaker cables which are priced as amazing as $24,900. Printed below is the original TAS review: Paul Speltz’s “anti-cable” speaker cables are a godsend to those of us who want good sound but are repulsed by the astronomically high prices some cable manufacturers are asking for their goods. I know cable manufacturers need to make a living, and I have no problem with that, but there’s a limit to what I can conceive of spending on a hunk of wire. (And yes, I know how essential that hunk of wire can be to the sonic integrity of one’s system, but when all is said and done, it’s still a hunk of wire.) Thus the name “anti-cables.” This stuff goes against everything most high-end speaker cables are typical known for—like ridiculously high prices, haute couture designer jackets, and compromised sonics. At this point, I’ve only had a few weeks to audition them, so it’s possible that extended listening could reveal a shortcoming or two. But so far, I have to say I’m blown away by the neutrality and lack of coloration I’m hearing and by the absence of any apparent downside. The high frequencies are open and clear with no tizziness; the midrange has exceptional clarity, transparency, and detail; and the bass is extended, with remarkable articulation. Miraculously, the cost is only $80 for an 8 foot pair with spades. If you visit Paul Speltz’s anti-cable Web site you can read the story behind these cables along with technical info and testimonials up the ying-yang. In a nutshell, the anti-cables are constructed of 12-gauge solid-core copper wire with a very thin red coating or dielectric. According to Speltz, it’s the minimal dielectric that accounts for the amazing clarity and virtual lack of sonic signature. These cables are a bit stiff, but still easy to work with. They do require shaping to keep off the carpeting and away from other components and cables, but I’d say the bending and shaping, at most, might take an extra few minutes per cable. SK Please click on the below link to learn more. To order, contact Judy at: or call: 651-735-0534 ...and please inquire about some option not yet shown on our web site such as "shotgun wired, factory woven" for bi-wire sets, and "true bi-wiring" for Vandersteen speakers. Thanks! Paul
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