AntipodesKokiriAntipodes Kokiri 1m SPDIF RCA or AES XLR60 Day Money Back Guarantee and Free Worldwide Freight. Breakthrough cable designs delivering superior time-domain accuracy. Proprietary Silver/Gold/Platinum Wire ~ Pure Unbleached Cotton Ins...330.00

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee and Free Worldwide Freight. Breakthrough cable designs delivering superior time-domain accuracy. Proprietary Silver/Gold/Platinum Wire ~ Pure Unbleached Cotton Insulation ~ Proprietary Phase Coherent Geometry "I’ve never heard this level of clarity and definition, along with power and sheer weight, coming out of my system. Inner detail and articulation, while extraordinary, were achieved without any edge or hardness. Complex musical passages became more understandable and massed choirs sounded more real with the ability to hear individual human beings singing within the various sections of the choir. My digital doesn’t sound digital. Who knew 1s and 0s could be so smooth and sound this good with Redbook CDs?" Audiophillia. Free worldwide EMS freight to: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA and Vietnam. Free airmail to all other countries. About Our Cables Our point of difference in a crowded market is our focus on designing cables based on how the human ear/brain system works - specifically designing to preserve natural timbre and to minimise phase errors and signal smearing. The ear/brain is an active process that interprets the single waveform arriving at the ear into the different sounds and locations of instruments and singers. Memory of timbre is critical to separating the different sources of sound, and phase relationships are critical to locating the sources of sound in space. Without accuracy of timbre and phase the music and the soundstage sounds confused, and brings on listener fatigue. When the ear/brain can easily make sense of what it hears then the emotional part of the brain can more readily engage with the music without distraction or fatigue. If your system only sounds right with small groups or solo performers then you know what we mean. Antipodes Audio cables minimise peaky resonances, ringing and time-domain distortions through: Unique Phase Coherent Geometries. Conventional theory suggests that a cable carrying audio frequencies should simply seek to minimise resistance, capacitance and inductance. We disagree, and believe that some aspects of high frequency transmission are relevant for audio cables. This creates some challenges given the variations in impedance characteristics of audio equipment interfaces. Our solution involves cables with much lower capacitance and higher inductance than other audio cables. This results in more phase coherent transmission. While the high inductance and impedance would normally create a range of fatal flaws we employ a cable geometry solution that eliminates these problems (and we do not talk about how that is achieved). In fact the liveliness and low background noise are exceptional. Couple this with superior phase coherence and our cables sound much more like real music playing in real spaces. Our Own 'Balanced-Resonance' High-Purity Silver/Gold/Platinum Wire. We make our own wire because, while we agree with the wider industry that purity and long crystals are important, we believe softness of the resultant wire is a very important characteristic. All things in the natural world have a physical resonance, and because of electromagnetic effects this causes an audible resonance in the signal carried by a wire. This is one of the reasons people ascribe a sound to cables using particular metals. Wire-softness reduces these resonances, but we also infuse the outer layer of our silver wires with small amounts of gold and platinum to break up the natural resonance of silver. In our Reference interconnects we introduce solid gold wires to create an even better overall balance, unlocking the finest of details and with a greater sense of ease. Another aspect of resonance control is the wire gauges used. We employ a variety of gauges in our cable geometries to further spread resonances. Pure Unbleached Cotton Insulation - No Plastics. Wires carrying a music signal create a surrounding field, and the music signal is carried in this field as much as in the wire. This means any interference of one will affect the other, and other wires in the cable will be affected too. Any substance in that field will fail to adjust fast enough to the changes in the music signal and this means the signal is smeared in time and fed back into the wire. Each substance in that field imparts a particular character to the sound, due to its own resonant characteristics. Contrary to common belief it is not just the insulation that contacts the wire that needs to be considered but all of the material that occupies the space that the electrical field travels through. Cotton not only stores much less energy than plastics, it also has a much more benign resonant characteristic. Each plastic we tested had a sonic signature. Compared to cotton, the ubiquitous teflon had a resonance in the treble that stretched the leading edges, arguably adding excitement, but sounding unnaturally aggressive and lacking full tonal colour. Plastic is used in almost all cables because it is a convenient trade-off between sound quality and making manufacturing easy and cheap. Using cotton introduces a range of significant challenges that we have had to overcome, but the much greater naturalness and inner detail resolution is worth it. So How Do They Sound? The result of our innovative design approach is sound that is more musical, coherent, natural and clear. You won't hear anything 'new' when you use our cables. You will simply hear less of the artifacts introduced by other cables, enabling the emotional part of your brain to engage with the music. It is when you notice that happening that you know you are listening through a better system.
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