AUDIENCE AU24e, 2.5M SHOWDEMO PAIR, WARRANTY!AUDIENCE AU24e, 2.5M SHOW DEMO PAIR, WARRANTY!Interested? For a faster response, PLEASE email us directly by CLICKING HERE. 2.5m pair of Au 24 "e" High Resolution Speaker Cables - Elegant, Coherent and Musical. New Enhanced "e" version ...1290.00


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Interested? For a faster response, PLEASE email us directly by CLICKING HERE.

2.5m pair of Au 24 "e" High Resolution Speaker Cables - Elegant, Coherent and Musical.

New Enhanced "e" version offers an increase in low level resolution, clarity and dynamics with the same natural harmonics, tonality and musicality!

Show demo pair ."e" version. 2.5m, bananna to bananna. Repackaged by Audience and indistinguishable from brand new. New $1995, now only $1290 - save 35%!

Full Manufacturer Warranty!

Audio Revelation is a full line Audience dealer with many Audience products in stock and ready for your audition.


"We usually associate an increase in detail or resolution with some unwanted side effect, such as dryness, thinness, brightness, or some other negative "-ness" that is a definite compromise. Get more of "this", but less of "that". With the new "e" cable, there is more of the "this", but no less of the "that". There is an increase of smoothness, detail and resolution all across the frequency range without any sense, even a subtle one, that any compromise has been made.  But make no mistake, for a small increase in cost the higher level of musical enjoyment is substantial."
 - 10 Audio, Rated 10+ out of 10 LPs - 1st ever 10+ ever awarded on 10 Audio! (read the review)   

A few comments about the new "e" version of the Au24 interconnect after an initial listen. The basic character of the cable is retained. Tonally very neutral. Timbrally accurate. Just gets out of the way. Where I hear the big difference is in what I'll refer to as speed or timing. To me the cable sounds very fast-perhaps warp speed. By this I mean leading edge transients on instruments like cymbals, acoustic guitar and piano are portrayed with speed and clarity adding a sense of realism. On acoustic bass the leading edge of notes seem crisper and tightly controlled. The initial slap heard before the thud of a kick drum is more apparent. Sibilants are not exaggerated but seem clearer and more natural. Sounds seem to emanate with clarity from a more focused space within the soundstage. Harmonics are portrayed without excessive bloom which will probably make for a good match with tube based systems such as mine. I suppose this all hinges on getting leading edge transient information timed properly so that the ear/brain mechanism can interpret it as more lifelike. Overall, very impressive! 
 - Robert Townsend, Audience Cable Customer

"I have used Audience au24 cables as my reference cables for over three years. They are so good I just haven't thought about them... These are cables of exceptional value, holding their own with or exceeding the musicality of cables that cost several times their price."
 - Jack Roberts, Constantine Soo's, (read the review)  

""I spent a lot of time going back and forth between the Au24 and my reference Valhalla, and ended up preferring the Au24." 
 - Brian Damkroger, Stereophile Recommended Component

"I could say this ten different ways and possibly still not effectively communicate this cable's large improvement over any other speaker cable I have heard... If you have the opportunity for an audition, please check them out."
 - Jerry Seigel, 10 Audio, (read the review) 

"Can you tell that I like this stuff? My customers certainly do. But don't trust me -- I'm only one set of ears. Find a dealer and take some Audience cables home for a try."
 - Bill Brooks,, Jan. 2006 (read the review)

"I have used many brands of cable over the past three decades, including, but not limited to; Monster (the entire gamut of their products), Fulton, Polk, Cardas, JPS, D.H. Labs, Kimber, MIT, Audio Quest, Straight Wire, Herron Audio, Transparent, Gortz Alpha-Core, Silver Audio, Silver Circle Audio, Analysis Plus, Harmonic Technology, and now, the Audience Au24's. While I am able to note the differences every cable makes when inserted into my system, the Au24 marks the most fundamentally musical shift in performance I have yet to experience. In addition, that transformation has been universal in my experiments across equipment with price tags ranging from $200 to $8000. Don't let these skinny little blue cables escape your attention. These are world-class cables that, given the price tags of some of their portentous peers, represent an excellent value as well."
 - Greg Weaver, Positive Feedback Online, Writers' Choice Award Winner (read the review)

"The Audience Au24 and powerChord cables share a family resemblance -- they balance tonality extremely well, have superb detail (again, in balance; neither too much nor too little of it), and they're smooth. Not colored-smooth, but just-right-smooth."
 - Wes Phillips, On Hi Fi (read the review)  

"I find that the system as a whole with Au24 interconnects and speaker cable running from one end to the other now sounds more natural than it did with Valhalla. I am significantly less aware of "The System" and its sonic virtues, and more aware of musicians and music". 
 - Robert Neill, Positive Feedback Online (read the review) 

"They (the AU24's) are among the best cables at any price... given an honest chance (as honest as they are in their signal delivery), you very well may find yourself regarding them as cables that put a smile on your face and joy before your ears." 
 - Jim Merod, On Sound and Music (read the review) 

"If your goal is to achieve a sonic signature that is balanced from top to bottom with that elusive truth-of-timbre, then the Audience line belongs on your short list".
 - Henry Wilkenson, Stereotimes (read the review) 

"The Audience Au24 interconnects and speaker cables are commendably neutral and natural, and they help you forget about chasing the pot o' gold at the end of the audiophile rainbow. These are attributes that the best cable should embody. 
 - Doug Blackburn, (read the review)  


Enhanced "e" version of Audience Au24 cables
As of November, གྷ Audience has developed proprietary technology to improve the conductivity of Audience Au24 cables, Conductor cables and powerChords that results in a more refined product.  The basic musical character of the cables is unchanged; however they are enhanced.  This technology results in the seeming removal of a veil resulting in the improvement of a world class product.  In addition to the standard Au24 and powerChord cables, this new technology is available as an "e" enhanced version.

Au 24 High Resolution Cables
The Au24 cables attain the elusive goal of combining exquisite sonic detail with the beauty of true musicality. This is due in large part to the Au24's incredible time domain performance. One look will tell you these are not "me too" products. The materials, design and construction techniques utilized in the Au24 cable line reflect the latest thinking in state of the art, high-resolution technology.

Contributing to the excellent time domain characteristics of the Au24 cables are high quality materials and proper configuration. Most audiophiles are aware of the importance of good insulating and conducting materials.


The Au24 cables are constructed of OHNO continuous cast single crystal copper conductors with polypropylene insulation and cross-linked polyethylene jacket material. Relatively few people are aware of the role geometric configuration plays. If a given cable is not optimally configured to perform the task it was designed to do it will never sound as good as a cable with the correct physical/electrical characteristics regardless of which exotic materials are used in its construction. All Audience cables and especially the Au24 series are designed for low eddy-current resistance. This is the key electrical characteristic for good time response. Eddy-currents are created by the magnetic field found around a cable when an electrical signal is present. This magnetic field builds up and collapses as the signal varies. When the field collapses it induces an opposing voltage back into the cable. This opposing voltage causes eddy-currents in the conductor. If they could be seen, eddy-currents would look like swirling water in a river. This late arriving, opposing voltage disrupts the original signal by inducing a time-smearing artifact. These effects are clearly audible. Cables that sound "detailed" or "powerful in the bass" are usually victims of high eddy-currents. Eddy currents plus high capacitance can cause a cable to sound overly "relaxed." The particular type of coloration caused by eddy-currents is dependent on the materials, construction techniques and the geometric configuration of the cable. The Au24 cables exhibit extremely low eddy-current resistance.

Many cables are designed for the lowest possible capacitance. Other cables are designed for the lowest possible inductance. Actually, for properly balanced sound reproduction these inductive and capacitive values should both be minimized and the ratio of inductance to capacitance (L:C) must be optimized. By designing for the lowest possible eddy-current resistance at the correct specific frequency, proper L:C ratio is naturally arrived at and both of these properties are minimized. The result is natural reproduction as heard in real life without added emphasis or editorializing. The Au24 cables may not sound as exciting at first but the virtues become apparent as the listener becomes familiar with them. Perhaps even more importantly, the musical overtones arrive in their proper time relationship with the fundamentals. This creates a more convincing illusion of reality and improves sound staging. For example, when properly recorded, a drummer's cymbals will now be placed back with the rest of the drum kit instead of appearing to emanate from the speakers.

There is a common misconception that loudspeaker cable must be large in diameter and have a low DC resistance in order to provide good bass response. DC resistance is relatively unimportant. What really matters is the characteristic impedance (AC resistance) of the cable. Music is an AC signal after all. Most of these large diameter/low DC resistance cables have excessively high characteristic impedance anywhere from 100 to 600 ohms with some measuring in the 1000's of ohms. The Au24 Loudspeaker Cable is only 4mm or 1/8" in diameter. Although the DC resistance may be slightly higher than the garden hose variety speaker cables the characteristic impedance is only 16 ohms. Musical signals from the bass to the overtones pass through this cable with less actual impedance than a cable with a lower DC resistance. The Au24 Loudspeaker Cable provides nearly perfect bass timbre and extension. Plus, the low eddy-current resistance means the cable is very quick and linear in the time domain. Voices and instruments sound strikingly real with this loudspeaker cable.

In developing the Au24 line we discovered how important simplicity is when highest possible performance is the design goal. Fancier connectors and layers of cosmetic sleeve would have made the cable look more expensive. However every time we made it look better it sounded worse. We were truly amazed at the sonically detrimental effects caused by bulky high-end connectors. The lessons learned with the Au24 cables have now been applied to our lower and mid-priced cables as well.


Audience loudspeaker cables are terminated with rhodium plated spade connectors. Audience will provide custom lengths and termination.

The Au24 cables will begin to sound good after 2 to 3 hours playing time and will continue to improve for approximately 50 to 100 hours.

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