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Resonance Transmission System Coupler Before we discuss Audio Horizons’ breakthrough Resonance Transmission System Coupler (RTS Coupler), please read the following testimonial from Bazza, our latest RTS customer: "Victor, I have been an audiophile since my teens more than 40 years ago. There have been a few auditory experiences that are memorable to me such as placing an Original Cable Jacket on the ground wire of my tonearm, hearing a pair of modified Magnepan 1.6 QR speakers crush the 6 times more expensive Wilson Sophias, and plugging my system into the expensive combination of a power regenerator and filtration. Your RTS Coupler falls into this elite group. “Having tried many vibration control products I have developed an appreciation for their positive affects but these prior experiences didn't prepare me for the profound improvement that one of your couplers made to my preamp. Perhaps the 12 tubes inside the casing are benefiting more than a less elaborate product might but now that I have installed additional couplers on my DAC, phonostage, and monoblock amps I can testify that there is a definite cumulative effect! Although every aspect of the musical presentation has improved what is most notable is the dramatic drop in the noise floor and increased dynamics, that having a leading edge has me sit up and pay attention, virtual elimination of grain that enables clarity at all frequencies, a purity and "live" music sensation, larger and better separated images in the soundstage, increased transparency and listening involvement, and bass articulation that I didn't believe could be improved in my system. “Considering that my components already sit on expensive Bright Star platforms, this is incredible. Frankly, the experience is a paradigm shifter for me and it took a bit of time to get used to it as I have never heard any system sound so clear and transparent. For about the cost of 1 Lessloss Blackbody (which I have a number of) I have coupled all of my components with your product and it has had the largest positive effect of any product that I have ever used. In fact the improvement is about double what my power regenerator and filtering products did in my system. Thanks to you and Joseph for developing and pioneering this paradigm shifting product that seems to be the best kept secret in home audio enhancement." After Bazza had installed RTS couplers on his monoblocks, preamp, DAC and conditioner, he decided to add it to his transport. After he did, he wrote: "Hello again Victor. I am happy to tell you that the RTS coupler that I added to my PS Audio PerfectWave Transport has made a significant improvement to the involvement that I feel to the music as well as increasing the size and depth of the soundstage. Instruments are better separated and sound more "real" with a more relaxed feel. As with adding the other RTS units to my system, I can turn the volume down and hear the same resolution and when I turn the volume up there is no fatigue. Thanks again." Full disclosure: We offered Bazza a 10% discount on his second RTS Coupler, and 15% off his third, fourth and fifth coupler, if he would simply pass on to us his impressions of his experience with the Coupler and allow us to use it in our ads. We make that same offer to you or to any RTS customer. Add to Bazza’s words of praise for the RTS Coupler, the following comments from two previous reviewers, and one has a mighty persuasive argument to try the RTS Coupler on your sound system. Here’s what scifi, our first customer, had to say about the RTS Coupler Model S (one that screws into the shelf). After describing its setting up, he writes: "Now the fun parts. . . the sonics. All I can say is WOW. There was no need to play musical selections to get a before and after because the after was so far superior to the before that no comparison was necessary. "I find it hard to believe that I am using the same components. . . . This mystery product seems too good to be true in its ability to extract hidden potential in my components but the fact is it does!! There is no faking here as the results are obvious and actually a revelation.” "Some of the changes that I have observed are: 1) lowered noise floor. 2) increased bass response. 3) no jagged edges to the musical presentation . . . very, very smooth in all respects. 4) a fullness and incredible body to all instrumentations and voices that is extraordinary. 5) warmth without roll off on the high end.” "IMO, there has been no other tweak or addition to my system that has had anywhere near the positive impact that this product has. Given the list price of less than $200, potential customers would be very, very foolish to not avail themselves of this product. When the word gets out they should be beating down the doors of Audio Horizons to get this product.” "These are my initial impressions. I am sure that I will have more as the system settles in." The next day scifi wrote to add these remarks: "I forgot to mention how the sound staging has improved as well. It is so natural sounding . . . deep and wide . . . well beyond the outside edges of the speakers." Roxyone, who had already spent a couple of thousand dollars on a Solid Tech Rack of Silence and Feet of Silence, had this to say after mounting the RTS Coupler Model W (the RTS design that wraps around the shelf) on the Rack of Silence: “I have about 24 hours on the RTS – my god you guys are really onto something! It is truly remarkable to think that vibrations can contribute so much disruption to sound. Over the years (last 15 years) I have been aware of how much resonance and vibration control plays on sound and have purchased numerous devices (racks, footers, toppers etc.) Never in my audio life have I heard so much improvement to clarity than I have from one inexpensive RTS device on a single pre-amp. I cannot wait until I have completed my entire system!” Do not think of the RTS Coupler as a “tweak”: It is not a tweak but instead a revolutionary invention for which multiple patents have been applied by Dynamic Contrasts, which has issued a press release of its own announcing its breakthrough product introductions. The sonic enhancement to be derived from adding resonance transmission to your audio or video system is not “minor” but major. And it is dramatic whether you have a superb, cost-no-object audio or video system or a more modest one. If you are interested in learning more about the RT Coupler, please read our other RTS Coupler ad in this section. Free Freight Prepaid Home Audition We are so confident that after auditioning the RTS Coupler on even one component in your own audio or video system that you will keep it and perhaps buy more than one that we will pay the freight both ways should you decide to return it. This offer of free freight both ways applies to the first five customers a month who ask for an audition. All we ask in return is that you send us your impressions. After the first five customers, we will prepay the audition freight to you but you must pay the return freight charge, which for most of you will be about $10.00. To qualify for this program you must have an Audiogon positive score of 30 and no negatives. Money Back Guarantee All RTS Couplers come with detailed installation instructions and a 20 day money back guarantee. So if you don’t qualify for the free home audition, buy one under our 20 day money back guarantee. You won’t be disappointed. Models There are three RTS Coupler models: The free standing Model FS, the screw down Model S, and the wrap around Model W. Since the Model FS can be converted to a Model S or Model W at no added cost, we send all audition customers the Model FS (MSRP $199), which allows you to audition the Coupler without modification to your component mounting. If you are pleased with the performance gains realized by your free standing RTS Coupler, write to Audio Horizons for information about how you can adapt your Model FS to the more sophisticated, higher performance resonance transmission models S or W. Coupler can be ordered with handle nuts or where space is limited, with wing nuts. We have never sold an RTS Coupler that has not surprised its auditioner by the magnitude of the sonic improvement that followed its mounting. But don’t take our word for it. Take the word of the owners above. You will be surprised at what a dramatic sonic improvement you can achieve by installing a single RTS Coupler in your sound system. Ask for a free audition now.
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