Audio HorizonsTP2.2RsvglAudio Horizons TP2.2Rsvgl PreampPrice: $4,100.00 Original Price: $5,600.00 Days/Views: 21 / 351 (Posted 2012-04-22) Condition: 9/10 Excellent/Like New Accessories: Original box, manual More Info at: http://www.positive-fee...4100.00

Audio Horizons TP2.2Rsvgl Preamp [Expired]

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Price: $4,100.00 Original Price: $5,600.00 Days/Views: 21 / 351 (Posted 2012-04-22) Condition: 9/10 Excellent/Like New Accessories: Original box, manual More Info at: Seller: srouse (Contact Seller) (Other Seller Items For Sale) Feedback: 5.0/5.0 This is a very recent version of this well regarded preamp that has every upgrade possible including remote for this model. It is an incredible giant killer and has established a cult following because of the sonics and the designers attention to detail. It has very few hours on tubes. A new power supply with a new premium transformer, resulting in improved bass performance, illuminating to the forefront a deeper more articulate bottom end response and superior harmonics. Power reserves are now less compressed and are more explosive. A Furutech gold plated IEC plug that provides a smoother more airy presentation to the listener. A Gold HiFi Tuning Fuse which improves clarity, and power drive. New available (at an added cost) upgrades to the TP-2.2 . The “v” Upgrade. This upgrade involves three steps: 1) upgrading the capacitors to what we believe is the finest capacitor presently made, V Cap’s copper film CUTF cap, 2) upgrading the key resistors in the signal path to expensive premium Vishay resistors, and 3) performing a harmonic alignment on the preamplifier. This upgrade, too, results in a dramatic improvement in performance. The V cap is a fast cap so installing it results in clearer edges, sharper tonal focus, crisper attacks, and better micro-detail retrieval. But the CUTF cap adds a layer of warmth and textural richness that to our mind is un-matched in any capacitor we’ve heard. The Vishay resistors seem to remove a layer of grunge in front of the music so that after installing them one feels one has cleaned a dirty windshield The 2.2svg adds a premium volume potentiometer for superior separation, a power supply voltage tweak, and two additional transformers for increased micro-detail retrieval resulting in a wider and deeper soundstage and improved layered imaging. All of these new features convey a sense of high quality generally not seen in a preamplifier at this price point—very impressive! Other design features worth noting that came from the TP 2.2's older TP 2.1 are: An overbuilt power supply with 10 times larger VA than is necessary in order to achieve a stable and solid soundstage. A capacitor bank comprising of 12,000uF on the DC filament Independent channels with a pure DC filament supply to reduce crosstalk between channels. Thirteen stages of regulation on high voltage that provides better ripple regulation between channels The use of low ESR capacitor bank with an extremely high 2,800uF of storage in the HV section. This provides extra reserves when sudden instant sonic demands are made upon the 2.2, and is one of the reasons for 2.2's outstanding dynamic dexterity. The use of a cascade section which increases the system's dynamic range, linearity, and responsiveness. Again another reason as to why this preamplifier is so incredibly fast while at the same time maintaining that musical quality we tube lovers demand. The addition of balancing transformers that when running XLR cables permit the use of long interconnects with minimal sonic degradation. Not only does the 2.2 get the advantage of over 10dB in gain when running balanced outputs, it also benefits from superior performance due to maintaining a more stable output impedance resulting in improved linear sound where the preamp has little to add or subtract from the original source, thus translating into better overall sonic delivery. All inner point to point cabling uses Teflon protected silver coated wires to provide optimum performance for many years, and to protect the 2.2 for those who live in environments with high humidity. RF shielded XLR connectors help eliminate contact impedance, insuring the lowest possible noise floor. Use of gold plated Teflon RCA jacks throughout which promote low connector loss and high signal transfer. A Gold HiFi Tuning fuse to replace those cheap power restricting tin based fuses used in most high-end audio products.
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