AYON AUDIO CD-2SAYON AUDIO  CD-2S BEST OF SHOW!PRICE PROTECTION GUARANTEE Our 90 Day Price Protection Guarantee assures our clients of our continued commitment to full satisfaction and delight. Should you find any Hi Fi product we offer...6350.00


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PRICE PROTECTION GUARANTEE Our 90 Day Price Protection Guarantee assures our clients of our continued commitment to full satisfaction and delight. Should you find any Hi Fi product we offer from an Authorized Dealer in the USA for a lower price than the price you paid to us, we will gladly refund to you the difference plus 10% of that difference. Open 7 days, 10am to 8pm Ocean West USA Tube Audio - Since 1976 Please call 1-800-676-1085 Sales Ext 2 - USA + Canada 1-323-657-5993 International 52-55-8525-6102 Mexico www.usatubeaudio.com THE NEW AYON AUDIO CD-2S IS HERE! EVEN BETTER THAN THE GLOBAL AWARD WINNNING CD-2! AYON CD-2 "AWARDED PLAYER OF THE YEAR" ! THE SHOW NEWPORT WINNER TAS EDITORS' CHOICE AWARD AWARDED CES 2010 "BEST OF SHOW" AWARD AWARDED "BEST OF SHOW" RMAF DENVER AWARDED "BEST SOUND OF SHOW" SALON SON IMAGE SHOW MONTREAL CANADA ! 3 Year Warranty! AYON AUDIO "BEST OF SHOW" WINNER AT RMAF HIGH PERFORMANCE AUDIO SHOW IN DENVER COLORADO Made in Austria SEE THE VERY LATEST REVIEW ON THE AYON CD-2 AT WWW.STEREOMOJO.COM BY JAMES DARBY! The Ayon CD-2 CD player is one of those rare components that compels you to pull out every disk you have ever loved and play it again for the first time. James Darby ANOTHER REVIEW ON THE AYON CD-2 AT WWW.DAGOGO.COM BY DOUG SCHROEDER! Where does the CD-2 stack up? Consider that for most serious audiophiles who want outstanding Redbook performance, the CD-2 easily earns the right to be their reference player. Doug Schroeder AYON CD-2 GLOBAL WINNER MAGNIFICENT REVIEWS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE! 100% Money Back - Full Satisfaction - Since 1976 In Home Audition - If it is not everything we say it is, send it back ! =========================================================== Well, now we have the Ayon Audio CD-2s, but it will be impossible to forget the Ayon Audio CD-2 or the CD-1! The Ayon Audio CD-1 - See the Remarkable Review at 6MOONS.COM BETTER THAN VINYL! And also see the Terrific Review at Dagogo.com & about 25 other reviews - a Global Award Winning Tube CD Player. Ayon Audio CD-1 was Awarded the 6MOONS BLUE MOON AWARD "For Superb Sonics, Build And Musicality” As the 6MOONS BLUE MOON AWARD WINNER review states: “Within a rich soundstage, the CD-1 drenched my senses in full color music, a fullness that is usually only heard with vinyl. But in some ways this was better than vinyl. The sound was equally relaxed, smooth and transparent but its power and extension were superior to my vinyl rig.” “It out-powers my vinyl rig but also out-soundstages it.” Ken Micallef - 6MOONS - www.6moons.com Read the full review at 6MOONS 6MOONS LINK http://6moons.com/audioreviews/ayon/cd1.html =========================================================== DAGOGO REVIEW Ayon CD-1 DAGOGO.COM LINK http://dagogo.com/AyonCD-1Spirit.html "The CD-1 OOZES LUXURY and HAS LOVELY SOUND" Douglas Schroeder - Reviewer at Dagogo.com =========================================================== Ayon Audio - Made in Austria Ayon Audio Now Introduces the Ayon Audio CD-2s The Next Generation of Tube CD Players..... Ayon Audio as the World’s Best Audio Product at any cost, needs no introduction for many Audiophiles. The CD-2s continues to outperform the competition and impress the world over! Running in Pure Class A. the CD-2s Performance is World Class in every respect. You will marvel at the construction and engineering. Whatever kind of music you play on the CD-2s, this Tube CD Player will keep up regardless, we guarantee this to you. The resolution is simply world class, the Ayon Audio CD-2s lets you hear all of the transient details of the music. You can also hear the full harmonic bloom of the instruments. What is more, these elements emerge within a truly natural perspective—they never run over each other and smear the sound. Very few CD Players can walk this kind of fine line, Ayon Audio has engineered the CD-2s to push the envelope to the maximum in technological design. This CD Player delivers all the speed, resolution, dynamic energy and bass control and retains the tonal and spatial sweet sound of a world class tube CD Player like none other. The Ayon Audio CD-2s is out of this world, Very Three Dimensional, Transparent, Holographic, Visceral Bass, Warm Fluid Mids, Smooth Sweet Highs ! The Best CD Player on the Market - 100% Guarantee - Backed by a Money Back offer! Every Ayon Audio CD-Player delivers the emotional power of music with a visceral impact, convincingly deep bass and a warm and fluid mid-range. Their high frequencies portrayal is never harsh or strident, and possesses natural grace - a glistening life-like presentation. Image projection is exceptionally three dimensional with the most subtle spatial energy revealed with precision. Ayon Audio of Austria - Granting Audiophiles around the globe, balance, clarity, perspective, dynamics, bloom, decay...The entire musical message for over 20 years. Ayon Audio offers a complete line of high performance audio components. Naturally flowing curves and sophisticated color schemes characterize the aesthetics of the Ayon Audio line-up, offering a timeless value of understated elegance. Ayon Audio engineers are established leaders in their respective fields of high-end audio expertise. Our range of activities covers the development of high performance vacuum triode tubes, the design of sonically superior tube preamps, tube CD Players, tube power amplifiers, state of the art cables and advanced technology speaker systems. Ayon Audio is pleased to present the Ayon Audio CD-2s, the Next Generation of Ayon Audio CD Players, to a new level of musical performance, stunning vitality, clarity, warmth and dynamic contrasts, coupled with superb construction and the Ayon Audio quality components. Ayon Audio CD-2s Tube CD Player Pure Class A Triode Vacuum Tube Output Stage Single Ended & Balanced Operation with Remote Control As Good as it Gets, the Finest Tube CD Player Available Made in Austria Features Full-featured true balanced Top Loader CD-Player Real Class-A triode vacuum-tube output stage for single-ended & balanced operation - SE RCA & XLR balanced 4 x 6H30 triode tubes / Russia High quality teflon tube sockets with gold pins Purist design and shortest possible analog signal paths Gold industrial PCB Warm up function – extends tube life time Burr Brown D/A converter ( 2 x 1704 ) Upsampling 24bit/192kHz ( NPC SM 5847 ) on/off switchable Modified suspension system to isolate the CD-transport from mechanical vibrations Anti-vibration magnetic integral CD-clamp system combined with dark acrylic CD-cover High selected, fine quality passive components used in all applications 10 separate voltage regulators MOS-FET's for tube anode-voltage regulation Superior capacitors ( MKP 2% ) 2 separate noiseless R-core power transformer for digital & analog Separate analog output stage for left and right channel AC Phase control indicator USB input Digital input - S /PDIF (RCA) Digital output - S/PDIF (RCA) & AES/EBU (XLR) Direct Amp Operation Gain settings - Low & High Absolute phase invertion Volume control Fully hand assembled to insure the highest level of craftsmanship Beautifully crafted high grade aluminium-brushed and anodized chassis Backlit function buttons Front panel description – is engraved Display dimmer & mute function Variable output volume level control Heavy duty RCA gold-plated output jacks Absorber aluminium feet with superior damping characteristics Metal remote commander ( brushed & anodized ) SPECIFICATIONS Ayon Audio Tube CD-Player CD-2 Conversation rate 192kHz / 24 bit CD-Transport Stream Unlimited - Austria - Phillips Tube complement 4 x 6H30 (Triode) Dynamic range > 108dB Output level @1 kHz / 0,775V -0dB / LOW 0 –2.5V rms variable Output level @1 kHz / 0,775V -0dB / HIGH 0 - 5 V / rms variable Output impedance Single-Ended-RCA ~ 300 Ù Output impedance Balanced-XLR ~ 300 Ù Digital output 75 Ù S/PDIF (RCA) 110 Ù AES / EBU (XLR) Digital input 75 Ù S/PDIF (RCA) USB (24/96kHz) S/N ratio > 103 dB Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.3dB Total harmonic distortion @ 1kHz
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