Beyond Frontiers / Sonic Frontiers★ Tulip Int Amp★Beyond Frontiers / Sonic Frontiers ★ Tulip Int Amp★ Ultimate "The Worlds Largest Online Retailer of Hi-End Audio". New with full factory warranty Beyond Frontiers breathtaking integrated amplifier has it all in a solid aluminum package tha...17200.00

Beyond Frontiers / Sonic Frontiers ★ Tulip Int Amp★ Ultimate Integrated [Expired]

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"The Worlds Largest Online Retailer of Hi-End Audio".
New with full factory warranty Beyond Frontiers breathtaking integrated amplifier has it all in a solid aluminum package thats packed with features. As an authorized dealer we are pleased to tell you that Beyond Frontiers was founded by former SONIC FRONTIERS creators and they have outdone themselves with the TULIP model integrated amp which is a current output amplifier driven by 100% tube gain stage without any type of feedback.. Some of the other features include: - inputs: 4 x LINE, 2 x COAX and 1 x USB - output: 2 x 200W/8ohm, 2 x 400W/4ohm, capable to drive speakers down to 2ohm - Gold plated PCB - tubes JJ Tesla 1x ECC83S and 1x E88CC Gold pins, cryogenicaly treated - silver-gold-oil capacitors (2x) and electrolytic 4 x 47000uF Mundorf - dual-mono, current output amplifier with Sanken bipolar transistors - 100% tube gain with servo control of operation - pure silver Mundorf and Kimber wire PTFE insulation - output terminals WBT and input Cardas, Neutrik USB - built-in 24bit/192kHz resampling DAC (all audio data always plays on 24bit/192kHz) - accepts both COAX(SPDIF) and USB digital signal transport - click-less (in sound path) Relay Volume Control - Patent Pending - vfd display Noritake - Japan - full remote control, in house patented remote protocol, 100% stable operation - toroidal transformer 1600W AWARDS INCLUDE: STEREO MOJO BEST OF SHOW, STEREO TIMES MOST WANTED COMPONENTS, AUDIO HALL OF FAME REVIEW #1: Is the Tulip the best on the planet? Unlike other reviewers, I’ll be honest and say that I have not heard every integrated amp on the planet (neither have they), but I can say I have not heard anything at any price that is better. The BFA’s ability to portray music in a lifelike, highly musical and neutral manner is unsurpassed. Its degree of transparency, clearness, dynamics and lack of distortion is about as good as it gets. Most importantly perhaps, it conveys the emotion of the music in a way seldom heard at any price. It rocks, it simmers, it can bring tears to your eyes – or more accurately, it can allow the music to bring tears to your eyes. It appears that every dime was efficiently spent building a machine that has one purpose - to be the best on the planet. STEREOMOJO REVIEW #2: The Beyond Frontiers Tulip integrated amplifier, in my opinion, will set a new benchmark for what is possible at its $18,000 asking price. I have more expensive separates that could not do what I heard this integrated amplifier do with ease. Out of the box, it handily outperforms my favorite integrated amplifier (Behold Gentile) in the areas of harmonic richness, dimensionality and musicality. The BFA Tulip has that rare unique ability to behave like a solid-state amplifier while maintaining a sense of intimacy and delicacy that I've always admired about tubes. Of the other hybrids that come to mind, that are also excellent sounding, would be the $90,000 Tenor Audio amplifiers. Hence, this level build quality and performance doesn't come cheap. In terms of sheer sonic capabilities, I have to admit that I am smitten, and think you will be too. Highly recommended! STEREO TIMES Yes we can ship worldwide, yes we take trades and yes we can provide interest free layaway ... contact us for details. Please allow 7-10 days for packing prior to shipping.

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