Blue CircleBC2 8004 Blue Circle BC2 8004  Mono BC204 built into BC2Price Drop - 4.21.12. One owner, OBM pair of hybrid (tube driver, SS output) Blue Circle BC2 8004 amps in PurpleHeart wood... Smoke free, pet free, kid free dedicated listening room for their entir...4500.00

Blue Circle BC2 8004 Mono BC204 built into BC2 [Expired]

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Price Drop - 4.21.12. One owner, OBM pair of hybrid (tube driver, SS output) Blue Circle BC2 8004 amps in PurpleHeart wood... Smoke free, pet free, kid free dedicated listening room for their entire lives. Music makers of the highest level! Back story: So after owning the PurpleHeart Pair of BC2 for 7years or so, I heard the BC206 and loved the dynamic sound, with greater weight, punch, and authority, just effotless. So I asked Gilbert if he could put that into the Purpleheart BC2 Chassis (as I perfer the look of this amp to every other BC amp - just my humble opinion - the PurpleHeart wood is sooo deep in that red/purple color). Gilbert talked me into a upgraded power supply based on the AG8000, but keeping BC206/BC204 output stage. However, he could not fit the 1300Va transformer needed for the wattage output of BC206 in the BC2 Chassis - so it has power output closer to the BC204 (hence the 8004 moniker). From the BC website " The BC206 was conceived with the idea of approaching the refinement that, up to now, has only been available in the AG8000 but in a more compact single chassis design. The '206 is not the equal of the AG8000s but it is a big step in bridging the gap between the BC8s and the AG8000 amplifiers." So what we have is a Monoblock version of the BC204 wattage wise, but with the AG8000 Power supply and refinement, and BC206 dynamic sound and stereo separation/soundstage (well, some tunes it sounds a little more like the AG8000 (timbre, refinement, and palpability), some tunes the BC206 - dynamic, vivid sound). They melt walls here, and really put meaty palpable players in the room, throwing a HUGE soundstage, very refined - so very non-mechanical, just sounds like music. That SET "They are here" thing is beyond reproach. Depth, layering, back corners of the stage as present as the front (just WAYYY back right and back left). They sent a number of other amps running - Joule 100wt mk3OTL, Cary 805 (300b driver) - as well as having more apparent power and dynamics(and bass) than Parasound JC1's on my Ohm/Blue Circle BM2 speakers. So they are world class, whether playing Mahler or Mingus... (They sound similar to Lamm ML1.1, just more musical if you have not heard Blue Circle's amplifiers). The Purpleheart wood has really darkened up a bit over the years. They look beautiful! They do have a slight hair-line crack in the lower front base (of the right channel) - I tried to get the photo to show it. It is not even noticable unless pointed out - about an inch long. The crack has been sealed using T88 2 part resin, it is VERY stable now! (Gilbert also reinforced the inner box with Alum/Steel plates on its rebuild - to hold the huge power supplies) The crack formed upon shipping to Blue Circle for the rebuild from FedEx dropping the one amp a few times to many. I would say they are a 9/10 mostly in appearance, and 8/10 in a few spots. They really are something proud to show off... They have Zero operational issues (super dark backgrounds - best I have heard). They look stellar as a centerpiece of ones stereo - with that Purply/Red thing, matched my Ruby Red Merlin VSM-MXe's. I will include a few pairs of tubes for the driver stage - Seimens 7308, EH 6922, 6n23p (early 70's Vokshod are super sweet in the driver stage), Amperex cv2493 for each amp, help you find the sound/presentation that best fits your system. They are not the power hungry room heaters the BC2's were, quite the opposite really. Very efficient for their rated output (and huge power supplies - one toroid for each stage of amp, plus cap banks) The specs: Hybrid Class AB 125watt into 8ohm, 225 into 4ohm (very stable into low ohms for ML stat owners) True Balanced outputs - ie both positive and negative legs have signal Phase non-inverting 100kohm input impedence 100watt draw at idle, 500w max - each amp. LED Illuminated Blue Circle 80lbs each (huge power supply/capacitive reserves) standard 15amp IEC (so you can use any power cord you want) one 6922 each channel, driver stage. Pricing on the BC204 retail is $11,695 (and these better the BC204). So if I am way off base on my asking price - let me know, maybe we can work something out? All credit cards via, or Certified check (ship after it clears). Shipping to lower 48 and Canada is included at asking price. I would prefer to deliver, as I can deliver within a couple hundred miles - say within 400miles - but ask me if interested in meeting. Pick up welcome as well. Otherwise, shipping will be on a skid, via BAX Global @ 190lbs, 46x35x27 incl. the skid - included at asking price. Boxes replaced upon rebuild, so they will ship safely to you! All documentation included (as well as extra tubes - mostly NOS). These are beautiful one of a kind Blue Circle Audio esoterica! From Gilberts Flckr page - the BC2 8004 being built: Do not hesitate to ask for email/phone if you have any questions! I would love for these to find a good music loving home...
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