Bright Star Altair - Reducedrare pair of speakersBright Star Altair - Reduced rare pair of speakersThese rare pair of speakers are in perfect working condition with no issues. Really great sounding speakers Bright Star used to make, but sadly discontinued. Stands are included and part of the d...475.00

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These rare pair of speakers are in perfect working condition with no issues. Really great sounding speakers Bright Star used to make, but sadly discontinued. Stands are included and part of the design. Physically, there are some minor scuffs, stains, but no scratches except ones in the back of one speaker (2nd picture). Fresh painting will make them look fresh and new. Speaker covers are included but fabric is worn. No boxes so local pickup only. Frequency Response: 44-24,000 Hz Frequency Response with EFC (Electronic Foundation Control): 29-24,000 Hz Impedence: 6 ohms nominal (4 ohms minimum) Sensitivity: 88 dB Power: 20 watts minimum, 300 watts maximum Crossover: 450 Hz at 12dB per octave, 3400 Hz at 6 dB per octave Dimensions (overall): 27 3/4" x 20 1/4" x 12" deep Weight: 40 lbs each Review in Audioreview: Reviews from Bright Star website: SUONO (Italy) issue 391 THE ALTAIR SPEAKER SYSTEM The very intelligent speaker system from Bright Star Audio is a Dynamic Dipole Design in a cabinet incorporating synthetic materials. The sound is excellent. The performance is far better than the price would indicate and this makes them incredibly competitive. The Audio Observatory Vol4/1 ALTAIR LOUDSPEAKER The Altair is nothing if innovative. It’s clear that a good deal of design and engineering has been expelled on this speaker system. The Altairs handle subtle imaging and staging better than any speaker that I’ve ever used. In well-defined recordings the sharpness and precision was little shy of awesome. In this regard the Altair is as good as I’ve heard. The midrange is especially adept at presenting voice with truth and precision. The Altairs managed to capture the glowing warmth of Margo Timmon’s fluid vocals and the tubey crunch of the opening guitar chords, not an easy trick. This is but one example of the quite nearly perfect tonal and timbrel balance that the Altairs posses from the mids on up. The Altairs will play quite loudly without fatigue. It used a 10" woofer than can move a whole hell of a lot of air when it needs to. The Altairs provide an amazingly effortless portrayal for speakers of their size or price. The Altairs succeed to an almost uncanny degree in combining the spaciousness and sweep of the best dipole planers and the dynamics, punch and precise imaging that seemed so elusive to dynamic designs. The Bright Star Altairs join that rarefied class of speakers that perform so well that they challenge the capabilities of speakers costing thousands more. Always truthful, never overdone or flashy, they are recommended highly. Paul A. Cervantes HiFi and Musik (Sweden) THE ALTAIR SPEAKER At the recent CES, prices were so high that the consumer was assumed to be crazy enough to pay just about anything! One exception was the Altair from Bright Star Audio. The sound was very airy and seemed to come out of a pair of large panel speakers. Audiotechnique (Hong Kong) THE ALTAIR SPEAKER The Bright Star Altair is a top-of-the-line product and the sound is out of this world. It has tremendous imaging; the audio range is very intricate and is quite well balanced. This is a pioneering design and the sonic effect is quite phenomenal. They are an outstanding value. The Altair’s design has been carried out completely and successfully. It is elegant and performs very well – like a much more expensive speaker, achieving sound quality that is close to perfect. I am extremely impressed with the performance of this speaker system. The $ensible Sound No.43 THE ALTAIR SPEAKER This unique speaker is the brainchild of Bright Star’s Barry Kohan, company president and resident speaker guru. And a gifted child it is…a prodigy even. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Holy holography, Batman!! I sat almost slack jawed as I "looked" into one of the most dimensional soundstage illusions ever. The Altairs disappeared. Their soundstage presentation was the Big Sky of Hi Fi – airy, spacious and dimensional. The Altairs are something special with startling realism. They were detailed, clean and smooth with absolutely no harshness – just music. They portrayed acoustic music as you’d expect to hear it live. The Altairs are an excellent, well-crafted product. Their soundstaging is easily the best I’ve heard. These speakers embody what Hi Fi is all about - playing music so it sounds like music. They leave little to be desired. Highly recommended. Bob Bottman. Audio Magazine Vol76 No7 BRIGHT STAR ALTAIR SPEAKER The Altairs represent quite good value for the money. They presented a very spacious sound coupled with precise imaging. Laterally, the Altair’s coverage was even and excellent. The Altair’s power handling was excellent. The system has an excellent energy-time curve. Horizontal coverage is also very good. The Altair could handle voltages in excess of 30 volts without any unacceptable noises - higher than any system I have measured! The woofer did not exhibit any dynamic offset, a rare characteristic. The low-frequency power handling was superb. The sine-wave sweep revealed a very solid enclosure. The group delay is quite flat – the result of the careful alignment of the system. Distortion at 440Hz was below the detection floor of my test gear. The peak input power rose smoothly with frequency, reaching about 5,100 watts. These speakers offer an excellent combination of super-modern good looks, impressive performance, low distortion and high power handling and premium audiophile traits. D.B. Keele, Jr. Bound For Sound No.2A93 THE ALTAIR PRO SPEAKER The Bright Star Altair Pro speakers were working their best. The Pro is a serious Hi End speaker system that has the rare ability of combining speed, extension, power and imaging. Martin G. De Wulf
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