Benz MicroBenz Ace HBenz Micro Benz Ace H Phono CartrdigeBenz-Micro Ace H Phono CartridgeThis unit is a High Output Moving Coil design, brand new except for a test to be sure it's functioning properly as it has been in storage for the past 7 years."The M...450.00

Benz Micro Benz Ace H Phono Cartrdige [Expired]

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Benz-Micro Ace H Phono Cartridge

This unit is a High Output Moving Coil design, brand new except for a test to be sure it's functioning properly as it has been in storage for the past 7 years.

"The Micro-Ace does have a character of its own. It’s so well balanced that it’s hard to pick out any part of the 8 octaves that it does better than any other"

"There is tone, texture, dynamics and the conveyance of a believable sound stage sufficient to make listening to any type of music deeply satisfying."

The Benz Micro ACE S Class phono cartridge is a recipient of The Absolute Sound 2009 Editors' Choice Awards (September 2009, Issue 195 p.81)

"The ACE SL produced solid, well-defined, yet delicate images within a world-class-wide soundstage of reasonable depth. Its resolution of ambient cues and inner detail were astonishing for $700. Its tonal balance combined lower-midrange warmth, reasonably good bottom-end extension, good top-end extension and detail, and a slight reticence in the transition from the upper mids to the treble that produced a relaxed, very pleasing, yet detailed sonic picture. There were no standout colorations, hard edges, or grain." - Michael Fremer, Stereophile June 2009

ACE is an acronym of Advanced Cartridge Engineering. The S Class models of the Benz Micro ACE SL, SM, SH all incorporate the Benz Dynascan S stylus coupled to improved generators using new coil windings and refined pole pieces/damper designs.

A recipient of The Absolute Sound Editors Choice award for several years and a cartridge recommended by Stereophile, the Benz Micro Ace S Moving Coil phono cartridge is a favorite of music listeners who require natural (organic) presentation of music — warm, silky smooth and natural highs to the mid-range and effortless low end. Benz Micro extends this performance with its new Ace S class. It comes in Low Output (0.4mV), Medium Output (0.8mV) and High Output (2.5mV) thus allowing optimal choice and performance mating with an end-users phono preamp.

Benz Micro ACE S High Output MC Phono Cartridge Specifications

  • Output Voltage: 2.5mV
  • Cantilever: Solid Boron, 0.28mm
  • Stylus: Nude line-contact diamond, mirror polished
  • Stylus tip radius: 6x40 um
  • VTA: 20 degrees
  • Coil: Pure Iron Cross
  • Weight: 8.8 grams
  • Internal Impedance: 12ohms
  • Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Channel Balance: Better than 0.5db
  • Channel Separation: Better than 35db at 1kHz
  • Tracking force: 2 grams
  • Recommended loading: 1000-47,000 ohms
  • Break-in period: 40 hours

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