DECCA London ReferencePhono CartridgeDECCA London Reference Phono Cartridge Hard to find, super hi-end, trades"The Worlds Largest Online Seller Of High End Audio"REVIEW: You’ll be hard put to find a more lifelike phono cartridge. Oh, some will beat it out here and others there, but overall ...1990.00

DECCA London Reference Phono Cartridge Hard to find, super hi-end, trades ok

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DECCA London Reference
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REVIEW: You’ll be hard put to find a more lifelike phono cartridge. Oh, some will beat it out here and others there, but overall a properly functioning London Reference is, indeed, a reference-quality pickup—and I use it, along with the Air Tight PC-1, as my reference. Jonathan Valin - Absolute Sound

REVIEW:  The London Reference cartridge is, I believe, the best phono transducer yet devised and currently available. With dynamics, timbres, definition, imaging, and spatial cues eclipsing all other designs I have ever heard. Positive Feedback

Here is a sweet deal on a high end phono cartridge from London Reference. This unit was sent back to the factory for a complete checkup / rebuild and according to the factory it has 80% of its effective life still left and is fully up to Spec. Save thousands off the new retail price for a factory certified great condition unit that is ready to bring years of musical enjoyment to your listening. Comes with original factory box/packing.

BONUS: If you buy this item at our asking price we will have it shipped back to the factory and tested/calibrated for you AT OUR EXPENSE then sent on to you so you know you are getting a great condition, up tp factory spec cartridge.

The London (formerly “Decca” or “Decca London”) cartridge has the longest and most distinguished pedigree of any piece of phonographic gear currently on the market. It has been around in one form or another since before the stereo era— originally the result of some extraordinarily ingenious and enduring engineering by the Special Products group of the Decca Record Company.

What sets, and has always set, Decca cartridges apart is the way they generate sound. All phono cartridges convert the physical motion of a stylus into an electrical signal. Most use a cantilever—a long thin metal tube equipped with a flexible rubber ring that acts as a fulcrum—to transmit the vibrations from the stylus at one end to the moving magnets or coils at the other. It was Decca’s contention that the resonances of the cantilever, the damping effect of the rubber fulcrum, and the sheer mass of the magnetic engine at the far end of this virtual “see-saw” caused losses of clarity and dynamic range—what Decca called “cantilever haze.” To sidestep these problems Decca came up with a cartridge without a cantilever.

Here’s how it works. A diamond stylus is mounted at the tip of a small flexible piece of slightly angled iron, which, in turn, is glued at its rear to a rubber block (to keep it centered) and further held in place by a tie-back cord (to prevent the angled-iron armature from moving forward).

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