ZYXUNIverse IIusedMerry Christmas and Happy Holidays. 65% offDear friends, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Wishing you and your families the best. This ad is for a used ZYX UNIverse II (UNIverse TWO), from a trusted customer who has upgraded to U...3195.00

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. 65% off [Expired]

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Dear friends, 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  Wishing you and your families the best.

This  ad is for a used ZYX UNIverse II (UNIverse TWO), from a trusted customer who has upgraded to UNIverse III.  Less than 250 hours. One month warranty.
We have many other products on sale. Please check out our website and call.        
Arthur Salvatore reviewed UNIverse ii. He wrote "The ZYX Universe II X is the finest cartridge I have ever heard, in my own system or elsewhere. In fact, for only the second time, in my long audio life, I have heard a cartridge which has no weakness, even subtle, compared to the competition. " (please read full review on his website).                   
 We played UNIverse ii in two rooms at CES 2013. Everyone loved what they heard. Mike Fremmer posted a picture of it and wrote "It sounded quite open and neutral."                        
Another reviewer told me he got goose bumps and felt the emotions of the music.           
Audio Beat also posted a picture and wrote " ....the ZYX Universe II ($8495) had a larger-than-life reputation before CES commenced.... With its motor installed in the same semi-nude acrylic body used for the ZYX Atmos/4D, the Universe II, with its .24mV output, has lowered resonance versus the Universe I, which remains in production. Thus far, Japanese cartridge designer Nakatsuka-san remains hushed about the new cartridge’s internals, but there was no hiding the resolute bass, perceptibly natural highs and superb midrange, all pointing to a highly refined frequency balance."                   
         SORAsound's Amazing Specials                      
In the last few months, selected respected audiophiles, friends and customers listened to UNIverse II. The results were astonishing. The best-est i have heard for sure.                     
We have a limited number in stock and will be receiving more shortly. Priority and availability goes to our existing customers, in particular existing UNIverse customers. As always SORAsound has generous trade-in, trade-up and move-to-ZYX programs available to our customers.  We do our best to be fair, and more than fair in fact.                     
As some customers upgrade to UNIverse II, we have more used UNIverse's in stock at attractive prices. These cartridges will be sent to ZYX to be checked, cleaned up, and such. SORAsound will provide limited warranty on them. So please contact us if interested.            
The original UNIverse remains in production.                
Please read more about UNIverse II UNIverse II.            
  SORAsound's Amazing Specials           
 Please note we only sell in North America, Mexico and The Americas.


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