CaryCDP1***********************************************REDUCED*********************************************************************** I am the original owner of this player and have had it for just abou...650.00

Cary CDP1 192 kHz / 24 Bit HDCD Player [Expired]

no longer for sale

***********************************************REDUCED*********************************************************************** I am the original owner of this player and have had it for just about 3 years. The player is in really very good condition, there a couple of very miner marks and I have tried to illustrate them in the photos the best I can. As far as mechanically the player is like new, I have never had one issue it just plays music really well. I am selling it to help offset the new dac and transport combo cost. When I was demoing cd players IMO the Cary really did stand out from all the others in its price point, Im not going to post a bunch of different links , but there are a bunch of glowing reviews for this player, i would encourage you to look around. As I do not have the original box I can get one from cary for an additional cost or I will pack in a double box myself to insure its safe arrival. No I have no pets and all my gear is a dedicated room. Thank you for your consideration.
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