Boulder1021Boulder 1021 Disc PlayerA mint condition Boulder 1021 CD Player is for sale due to a house/system down sizing. This player was purchased from a dealer as a demo. It is in pristine condition. I have used this as a CD Playe...6995.00

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A mint condition Boulder 1021 CD Player is for sale due to a house/system down sizing. This player was purchased from a dealer as a demo. It is in pristine condition. I have used this as a CD Player but the unit can also be used as a network player when linked to a NAS via an ethernet connection to a wireless router. The user can both play regular CDs or DVDs with high-res material up to 192kHz/32-bit, and play music files at the same resolutions from a computer or external hard drive. 

When connected to a computer network, the 1021 can decode and play digital music files streamed from a media server or computer anywhere in the home with absolutely no loss of realism. FLAC, WAV, MP3, ALAC, OGG, AIFF, it’s all covered. Ultra-high resolution music file playback up to 32-bits or 192 kHz from either a disc or streaming is simply icing on the cake. 
It is a classic Boulder product with excellent cosmetics and mechanical engineering. 

See the Stereophile review and Boulderamp website for all the technical data.  I have used this with the Variable output option which allows you to run it directly into your amplifier(s) thus eliminating the need for a preamp.   The sound is natural, precise and offers great detail and dynamics.   It received the Stereophile April 2013 Recommended Components Class A+ designation and is still deserving based on many other players that I have heard. 

The Absolute Sound found that the 1021 sound subtly and consistently more real in harmonic detail than any other player he has heard to date. "The Boulder 1021 is an absolute must-audition. Even if you can only dream about buying it, you should hear this kind of reference standard. If you are among the lucky few who can buy, rather than dream, this player has to be on your short list." 

From Stereophile: 
"The Boulder 1021 may be very expensive, but it is both superbly engineered and superb-sounding. Its measured performance is at the current state of the art for high-resolution audio performance, and its ability to retrieve, store, and display the metadata for the CDs it plays is addicting. Its future is really guaranteed, however, by its ability to play data discs carrying high-resolution audio files, whether they be ones you've burned yourself from downloads, or commercial discs from companies like Reference Recordings or Fidelio. Yes, playing such files back from your computer is possible, but computer soundcards that can get the most from files sampled at 176.4kHz and 192kHz are few and far between. Boulder's 1021 is highly recommended to those fortunate few with pockets deep enough to be able to afford it." 
“This is the most resolute player we’ve heard to date. In terms of fidelity to the 
detail on the disc, it cannot be faulted. It is also incredibly well-built and will play 
almost anything that the audiophile can get hold of. Source components don’t get 
much better.” 
“…the sound of the hi-rez files the Boulder could play was stunning: open, airy, 
grain-free, with a sharply defined soundstage and an excellent sense of the 
recorded acoustic. Keith Johnson's 24-bit/176.4kHz recording of Eiji Oue and the 
Minnesota Orchestra performing Rachmaninoff's Symphonic Dances (HRx, 
Reference HR96) sounded more robust than the original CD—simply more real, 
as if the glass of the window between the listening room and the hall in which the 
recording had been made had been removed.” 
“This is the best digital I’ve ever heard. I’ve heard everything and this thing beats 
everything else by far.” 
The 1021 boasts the first truly interactive display in a disc player and 
countless breakthroughs in digital circuitry and software, including 
Boulder’s own jitter eliminating Precise Interval Clocking System, research 
into new D/A conversion technology, floating-point DSP mathematics and 
a vastly superior data retrieval disc mechanism system. These advances 
are all successfully integrated to produce a truly revelatory listening 

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