ModWright LLCOppo BDP 105ModWright  LLC Oppo BDP 105 w/Tube ModificationSelling ModWright LLC Oppo BDP-105 with all of their Tube Modifications and extra premium Sophia Electric Matched Pair 6SN7 Driver Tubes Tube Modification for the Highly Acclaimed Oppo BDP-105! ...2100.00

ModWright LLC Oppo BDP 105 w/Tube Modification [Expired]

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Selling ModWright LLC Oppo BDP-105 with all of their Tube Modifications and extra premium Sophia Electric Matched Pair 6SN7 Driver Tubes  

Tube Modification for the Highly Acclaimed Oppo BDP-105!

Tube mod includes:

  • Total redesign and replacement of single-ended and fully balanced output stage with our own tube analog stage (6SN7 driver tubes)
  • External PS (new design) with one rectifier (5AR4, GZ34, 5U4, 5V4 and equivalents) and two voltage regulator tubes (13EM7,12EM7 and suitable subs.)
  • ‘Truth’ umbilical of our own design.
  • Upgraded Cardas GRFA series RCA’s for stereo outs.
  • Upgraded Furutech cryo-treated IEC.

  • Highest Quality resistors in key signal path applications.

  • All signal wire = 99.9999% pure, cryo-treated solid-core silver wire from Cardas metals.

  • Upgrades to internal stock power supplies (Linear power supply replacement for stock SMPS not included )

  • Damping mods for chassis and transport.

  • External supply available with optional ‘Hole’ to allow for use of taller, larger diameter tubes other than 5AR4/GZ34 (Updated/included).

  • Includes extra driver tubes – two premium Sophia Electric 6SN7 tubes

Additional Upgrades:


  • Installation of Bybee rail at critical voltage to DAC = $225 per rail. This upgrade can be installed on both the 2CH DAC and the MCH DAC.
  • The purpose of the Bybee rail is to SIGNIFICANTLY (MEASURABLE!) upgrade the quality of the power feeding a critical voltage to the DAC.

  • This translates to lower jitter and a lower noise floor. This is an entirely different technology than Bybee purifiers which we have also used for years now with great success. This is a breakthrough technology!

  • The upgrades improves resolution, detail and decay which leads to broader sound stage and a more natural musical presentation, without edge or glare.

  • For more information:


  • The Pulse Gen ZX operates on the principle of noise absorption in the space surrounding the internal power supply within the player.

  • It simply it adds more dynamic and detail, due to a further lowering of the noise floor.

  • The Pulse Gen ZX upgrade option is $400.

  • For more information:

    Unit will function as DAC or player, USB or Coax digital input and fully balanced XLR or RCA single-ended analog stereo outputs via tube analog stage. The Oppo 105 is a true Universal Player, playing all formats for audio and video, 2CH and multi-channel (tube mod is optimized for 2CH playback).

    02-05-13: Talk2me
    I just got my ModWright a few days ago, and have to concur with all the great things said. And I was coming from a $18K GNSC modded Wadia S7i and a $32K Burmester 089 CDP. My ModWright 105 blows it out the door. Dan hit this out of the ballpark. It sounds organic, transparent and with that beautiful tube magic. The ModWright 105, IMHO, is the best sounding source I have heard in my system.
    Talk2me (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

  • “My final remarks are very simple. If you want to hear music in all its glory I would implore you to rush out and get this Modwright Oppo,you will never be sorry.”
    Arnie Nudell – Famed Genesis Loudspeaker Designer! 


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