OppoBDP-95Oppo BDP-95 EVS (Ric Schultz)-modifiedThe Oppo BDP-95 is a great universal player (CD, SACD, DVD, Blu-ray and much more – see Oppo website for details). The unit is rated 7/10 due to a thin scratch, ~1.5 inch long, on the top cover (se...1000.00

Oppo BDP-95 EVS (Ric Schultz)-modified [Expired]

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The Oppo BDP-95 is a great universal player (CD, SACD, DVD, Blu-ray and much more – see Oppo website for details). The unit is rated 7/10 due to a thin scratch, ~1.5 inch long, on the top cover (see picture – contrast is amplified for visualization). The player will be shipped in the original box, with the manual and all original accessories (remote, HDMI cable, wireless adapter). Add 3% if using PayPal. The player comes with firmware version BDP9x-74-0908 (it does not play iso files). This unit has the following modifications by Ric Schultz of EVS (http://www.tweakaudio.com/EVS-2/Oppo_95_mods.html): • Stereo analog out mod ($500) • Center channel mod ($175) The basic Oppo is a very good player, but Ric’s modifications take it up to a new level. See the following thread for third party opinions: http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?ddgtl&&read&keyw&zzevs I am selling because I bought a BDP-105, also modded Ric. Note that the stereo out analog mod in this unit is different by the one currently on Ric’s web page. Here is the original description of the mod. Please ask if you have any questions. Stereo analog out mod: We remove various distortion producing parts in the AC supply, damp parts in the AC supply, and change the main diodes in the switching supply. We reduce noise by wiring techniques and isolate the linear toroidal transformer from the chassis and mount it on a piece of plywood. Damp the transport in various ways and black all around the laser assembly and underneath the transport cover to reduce laser reflections. We ground the cover of the transport. Remove the toslink connector as this is an LED and they mess up the sound. Change the diodes in the analog linear supply and use a special technique to reduce ringing in the transformer when the diodes shut off. Remove the entire two channel output stage and substitute our own circuit board with a wideband I-V (current to voltage) converter and wire it directly to the output jacks. We use all premium sound picked parts in this new I-V converter circuit. This new output stage is fully balanced and unbalanced and DC coupled. No coupling caps are used. There are just two parts in series with the output. The output voltage is 2.4Vs RMS on each phase (stock it is 2.1V). We use a separate discrete low impedance cascoded current source shunt regulator for this output stage. This regulator is made by hand on two separate perf boards and hardwired in. Both the unbalanced (2.4V) and balanced outputs (4.8V) are available at the same time. Multichannel mod (better center channel) addition to stereo: All outputs (2 channel and 8 channel) are improved by the above mods. However, only the stereo outs have the super output stage and better parallel DAC. Here is the good part: when playing multichannel you can set the Oppo up to have the front stereo channels be the left and right surround channels. This way the front channels get the advantage of the parallel DACs, super output stage and my better power supplies. I can additionally modify the center channel using the same output stage as the stereo outs and run this output stage on separate modified Dexa regulators. I don't think you would get much of a sonic improvement to do the surround channels nor the sub channel. Modded Oppo output voltage: Left, Center, Right: 2.4V (unbalanced), 4.8V (balanced) Rear Left, Rear Right, Sub: 2.1 V Output impedance (RCA): 100 Ohm
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