Oppo DigitalBDP-105Oppo Digital BDP-105 With linear power supply and mods  new photos price dropModified OPPO-105 with linear power supply for sale.class A stereophile recommended component 2014-2016this unit offers legendary price to performance ratio, and is excellent even without modificat...850.00

Oppo Digital BDP-105 With linear power supply and mods new photos price drop [Expired]

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Modified OPPO-105 with linear power supply for sale.
class A stereophile recommended component 2014-2016

this unit offers legendary price to performance ratio, and is excellent even without modifications. you can read the numerous reviews online.
includes remote and Wi-Fi adapter.

This unit has been substantially modified to improve the audio quality.

The following modifications have been made by me:

linear power supply (Oppomod)
Remove output coupling capacitors
disconnect multichannel board ( so multichannel analog outputs not active).
additional bypassing of Sabre chip
internal damping added
Top of drive is grounded. note that multichannel board remains in place and acts as a ground plane as well.

I can also provide an upgraded wireworld power cord for an additional fee (Stratus for $50).

In addition to being a universal player, the unit works very well as a streamer using Wi-Fi from a samba share, and you can also put high-resolution music onto a thumb drive.

Unit is in good condition, and is lightly used, There are some small blemishes on the top of the unit (Small 2" x  3/4" area of paint has been damaged on top case). it almost looks like the top is a little bit dusty. Occasional very tiny scratches  sides. other than these minor problems, unit Has been lightly used. it is conservatively rated due to the blemishes on the top.

note that due to the removal of the output coupling capacitors, the unit is truly DC coupled. (Edited) (This is normal, but needed to be said).

The original 105 has 2 power supplies, a linear supply for the analog section, and a switching supply for the digital section. These are both connected together at the AC input. Therefore the switching supply is able to contaminate the input power for the analog section. For this reason, it is desirable to replace the switching supply with a linear supply. Many of you are familiar with the advantages of removing switching supplies from the same AC circuit as the audio system.

These modifications reduce the noise level and improve the audio quality from the main audio outputs. in my system, these changes lead to a more relaxed sound, and improvements to female voices among other improvements.

I have been using the unit with 3 soft and large (2 "x1/2 ") Sorbothane damping pads. These are very effective at reducing the vibrations in the unit and isolating it from external vibrations. These will be included at no extra charge.

One limitation of the linear power supply is that the input voltage must be 110 V AC or more.
Please contact me for more information or for more detailed photographs.
(these modifications and others were discussed in the extensive DIY forum on this machine see here: http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/digital-source/222596-oppos-bdp105-discussions-upgrading-mods.html )

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