Request N SeriesDigital MediaRequest N Series Digital Media server with 8000 songs!For your consideration, I am selling for $1500.00 OBO "The Request N Series Digital Media Server" MSRP New Cost $2899 WITH Over 8000 titles of individual songs, close to 2000 full albums, and CD...1000.00

Request N Series Digital Media server with 8000 songs! [Expired]

no longer for sale

For your consideration, I am selling for $1500.00 OBO "The Request N Series Digital Media Server" MSRP New Cost $2899 WITH Over 8000 titles of individual songs, close to 2000 full albums, and CD_s, Hundreds and hundreds of Artist. e-mail me directly for info "". See below for details.

The story behind this, I purchased this music server on Audiogon, it was an
Impulses buy as I really fell in love with all the pre-loaded music.

It turns out I really don�t listen to music casually when I turn on my rig I listen to specific CDs. I used it sparingly then boxed it up where it�s been for the last 6 months or so.

This is well built it weighs 25lbs! It has both analog and digital audio outputs along with video outputs (connected to Internet you get the album cover art).

The following is copied from the original Audiogon ad that describes the unit.
I have more details on the songs/artist but will only supply it to serious bidders.

Please let me know and thanks

"The Request N Series Digital Media Server"

MSRP $2899.Cost New

The ReQuest Digital Media Server/CD Player, with an original new cost of
$2899. But wait till you hear what else!

In addition I am Including "MY ENTIRE LIBRARY of the highest quality music
of all genres. As an ex Disc Jockey and true passionate Audiophile who loves
his music. I have been collecting Music for over 40 years. Everything from
oldies 50, 60, 70, 80_s, Classical, Easy listening, Jazz, Blues, Rock,
Metal, Lite Rock, Grundge, New Age, Movie Themes, Instrumentals, Crooners,
Rat Pack etc. The List goes on and on.

Over 8000 titles of individual songs, close to 2000 full albums, and CD_s,
Hundreds and hundreds of Artist.

Literally Thousands upon Thousands of Dollars worth of Music. As I said I_ve
been Collecting for 40 years!


I bought and paid for all the music they are DRM free. AND NOW THEY CAN BE

Don't miss out on a great opportunity,To bid on an entire music collection
with over 8000 individual songs 2000 albums, hundreds of all your favorite
artist from the past and to this current day! Plus You'll get an Incredible
Music & Media Server/CD Player with Hard Drive- You can put your whole
library on the 400 gb Hard drive storage for any of these formats WAV, FLAC,
MP3, Ogg, Vorbis. It also supports encoding in WAV, FLAC, MP3. You can also
easily exchange the size of hard drive to any size you need by simply
removing the front faceplate with two thumbscrews.

You can now store all you computer music files on the ReQuest internal hard
drive and play all your music over your home network. In fact You can access
and play from anywhere in the world. Your entire music library at your
fingertips without ever having to get up and change a CD or look for lost
music again. All in audiophile reference quality sound, and it works with PC
or Mac and most all smartphones and internet portable devices including
iPhone, iPad, iPod just about everything out there. There is an app for the
iPhone that lets you use it for a remote or stream music and movies to your

This machine does everything, STREAMING OVER THE INTERNET MUSIC, MOVIES, RADIO STATIONS BY THE THOUSANDS OVER THE INTERNET, all at your fingertips via the remote control. Also pictures, streaming from computer or other storage devices like NAS. It opens a whole new world and their is incredible online support and phone access. It makes it so easy with video instructions a child could do it.

The entire industry is moving towards computer based music servers and as it
progresses this player can be upgraded with downloadable firmware upgrades.

This is a chance of a lifetime...good Luck! and have fun. Someone is going
to walk away with an incredible deal.


All ReQuest servers run the Serious Play Operating System (Linux) that is
designed to maximize your multimedia enjoyment including integration with
iTunes, synchronization between multiple homes, and access to your media
files from anywhere in the world.

Complete Control The N.Series can be controlled with the Built in web server or navigate your collection on your TV with the provided IR Remote.

NetSync For iTunes_
With automatic 2-way synchronization with iTunes, it has never been easier
to bring your whole music collection with you on your iPod. Now you can take
your music for a car ride or to the gym to work out and your house will
still be filled with music from your collection.

Your Music, Your Way
The N. Series allows you to instantly access hundreds of CDs by Artist,
Album, Genre, and Song Title. Managing, editing, and searching is all
possible with our powerful and easy to use onscreen menus.

Room To Grow
The N.Series single zone digital music server is the perfect introduction to
whole house audio. With storage of over 800 CDs at (320kps) the N.Series can
handle your collection as it increases over the years.

Music Anywhere In the World
Your music is available to you anywhere in the world. With the free ARQLink
Pro service you can access your music at any time of the day from any PC.
Simply log into ARQLink pro and you can stream, manage, and create

The free Request iPhone application provide simple control of the media

N.Series Specifications

Supported audio playback: WAV, FLAC, MP3, Ogg, Vorbis, Supported encoding:

Hardware Specifications
␣ Single zone
␣ 2U rack-mount chassis
␣ Analog stereo outputs plus 1 set of digital outputs
␣ Serial, IR and Ethernet control
␣ DVI, VGA, Composite, S-Video & Component Video TV out
␣ 10/100 Ethernet
␣ QuickSwap removable hard drive
␣ Front and rear USB ports for keyboard and TS.12 Touch Screen (sold
␣ Front IR receiver and power indicator/LED
␣ CD tray for fast automatic CD encoding
␣ NTSC/PAL support
␣ Dimensions: 17_ (W) x 16.25_ (D) x 3.5_ (H)
␣ Wt: 22 lbs.
␣ Finish: Black chassis with brushed aluminum metal faceplate

Accessories Included
64 button remote control, power cable, 1 serial cable


MSRP $2899.Cost New
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