Clear Day CablesSolid Core 8ftClear Day Cables Solid Core  8ft silver singlePlease e-mail me directly at as this new set up is to difficult to answer questions in a timely manner. Also, there is more info at my website as well

Clear Day Cables Solid Core 8ft silver single [Expired]

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Please e-mail me directly at as this new set up is to difficult to answer questions in a timely manner. Also, there is more info at my website as well Hello everyone,

Thanks for your patronage in 2011, I will continue to offer the best cables and jumpers I can in 2012 as well.

Also, and this was no easy decision, but the silver price volatility over the last year has forced me to drop my cable discount from 20% to 10%.

Moreover, I truly wish not to alienate any of my past, present, and future clients as the whole goal of this endeavor was to offer real silver cables at a price the regular guy could afford.

With that being said, I feel this slight increase will enable me to continue to provide the best cables and service I can as well as the 30 day money back guarantee on all my 8ft models.

Thereby, an 8ft pair of my silver single cable model which we've found excels with the high efficiency stuff at or over 93bs (like Lowther, Foxtex, and or Klipsch for example) terminated with my spades, bananas, or a combo, which retails for $150, with the 10% discount, sells for $135 shipped in the USA. Please check the website link at the end of this ad for further details and pricing on all my cables.

I do ship worldwide and welcome those interested in my products outside the USA, but the free shipping only applies to the USA.

Feel free to visit the January and September 2009 issue of Affordable Audio magazine for a review of my single, shotgun, and Double Shotgun models:

AGAIN, PLEASE ORDER TODAY & SAVE 10% on any 8ft model. Plus, FREE SHIPPING to the USA---a $10 value.

Fellow Audiophiles,

Why should you consider Clear Day Solid Core Silver Speaker Cables? Extraordinary value! Clear Day Solid Core Silver Speaker Cables transmit detail, and texture, like on a clear day when, seemingly, you can see forever.

I, too, am a passionate audiophile. After years of searching, I feel I’ve found the best sounding solid core silver wire to date. It combines the many virtues of silver with the warmth of oxygen-free copper.

When you buy my cables, you are not paying for expensive advertising, overhead, or two levels of markup-distributor and retailer. I do not use exotic jacketing or connectors that looks great, but often sonically degrade the sound! My success depends on word-of-mouth advertising. Despite my less than hi-end prices, you have my personal guarantee that my cables compete sonically with almost anything in the world.

Paul Laudati, President

Why Solid Core? It is my experience that solid core silver wire transfers the signal more naturally than multi-stranded silver wires. Consequently, Clear Day Solid Core Silver matches well with both solid-state, or tube equipment. I often get feedback saying my cables sound great immediately, requiring very little break-in.

Which Solid Core Is Right for You? Standard length is 8 ft. All other sizes subject to additional charges. Due to the extreme volatility of the precious metals market, prices are subject to change.

SINGLE RUN (retail price $150 - 10% an 8ft pair)
Thereby, an 8ft pair of Clear Day Solid Core silver cables, with bananas/spades or a combo, which retails for $150, sells for $135 shipped in the USA with the 10% discount applied. Moreover, we've found this model really excels with the high efficiency speakers without being forward.

Custom lengths are available a well, but I cannot give the money back guarantee in that regard. I'm sure you understand.

Feel free to inquire via e-mail and check my feedback for satisfied customers and or positive Audiogon dealings.


My system consists of Raysonic 168 CD player with cryoed NOS tubes, XLR cables going into an active crossover. Amplification is a PS Audio GCC 250 amp modified by Underwood HiFi driving the ribbons, and 2 Wyred 4 Sound SX 500 monoblocks driving the bass panels of my Magnepan 3.5Rs.

Most recently I have looked at alternatives to my biwired Harmonic Tech Pro 9s on the bass and Eichmann 6 Series 2 on the ribbons.

First I tried Morrow Audio SAP 2 cables, and while they are very detailed, after several hundred hours of break-in, they never bloomed. I came across Clear Day Solid Core Cables on AudioGon. Turns out Paul had purchased a preamp from me several years ago! I felt compelled to order a pair of his silver speaker cables to try on my Magnepan 3.5Rs. I was very impressed! I ordered a shotgun pair for the bass panels. They arrived today...Even without break-in the music was warm, revealing itself in a very relaxed, yet very detailed way. First I played Norah Jones- Norah Jones at a much lower volume than I am used to, but the music just flowed. I was so enthralled, that I was dumbfounded when the disc ended! I ordered another pair of shotguns for the ribbons. Unlike some silver cables, brass sounded like brass. Hi-frequency detail had the proper edge and speed, but also a warmth and flow that I have not experienced with other silver cables. Clear Day Solid Core Silver Cables are an unqualified bargain.

Paul Laudati is a very gentle and nice man. I hope you will try his cables. The closest I've heard to them was the very expensive Silversmiths on the $66,000 Scaena Loudspeakers, at a friend's home. Best of all Paul's cables are VERY affordable.

Robert Hart: Audio Marketing Consultant

Thanks for looking, God bless, and remember, on a Clear Day you can hear forever!

Paul Laudati Link to website: or e-mail questions to
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