Coconut-AudioVibraPortal DolphinCoconut-Audio VibraPortal Dolphin (maximum liquidity!)A culmination of 11 years of intensive experimentation and research has resulted in our new VibraPortal Particle Acceleration Formula. Designed for maximum liquidity while sounding quick, airy and ...147.50

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A culmination of 11 years of intensive experimentation and research has resulted in our new VibraPortal Particle Acceleration Formula. Designed for maximum liquidity while sounding quick, airy and spaceous with a bigger soundstage. Retail price is $1295. The improvement in realism is so powerful that it can be heard with any audio signal, even on cheap laptop speakers listening to recorded speech. When using it for music, the liquidity and musicality is fantastic! Compared to our uncolored Heaven's Gate, the Dolphin and its siblings have a certain flavor. Winner of auction can choose between Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red or Purple. Brand NEW from factory! * Blue (Dolphin) It sounds fresh, airy and quick like racing with dolphins in clear blue water. * Yellow (Sunshine) Makes vocals warmer, fuller and more relaxing. Perfect for listening to speech. * Orange (Sunrise) Calm like the sunrise. Neither warm nor cold. Very relaxing. Slight freshness and sweetness, like drinking orange juice on the beach. * Red (Heat) Warm and sweaty. It sounds like a hot day. Perfect if your system sounds too cold and bright. * Purple (Moonlight) Cooler and more aggressive with a blacker background, more detail, dynamics and greater contrast ratio. *** Particle Acceleration Formula Using the piezoelectric properties of quartz crystals we found ways to accelerate the noise reduction process from the audio system using gravity and multiple levels of crystal formulas. We found ways to make the crystals push each other to cause a chain reaction where the noise justs starts melting away and takes you into liquid smooth musical bliss. This technology is far stronger than our old VibraPortals, especially from the greater contact using a crystal window on the bottom of the unit. *** TECHNOLOGY VibraPortal is placed on top of the audio component. This is better than power conditioners and other filters you add into the signal path. Having something in the signal path gives loss of detail and dynamics. With VibraPortal the performance is always maximum. Most tweaks only reduce noise from a single frequency which results in colored sound. VibraPortal cleans noise from all frequencies using 7 cores of cleaning that are synergized by ear. This fine-tuning is not easy as it needs months of critical listening. The end result is a seamless noise reduction over the entire music range. Everything in the music is improved and nothing is left behind, this gives a magical listening experience where you are transported into the music and can listen for hours and hours. For each cleaning core we are using a natural form of noise reduction using quartz crystals. We found that these crystals amplify certain frequencies. But one type of crystal only amplified a single frequency and left the others unfocused. We discovered that when adding different crystals to the mix, multiple frequencies were amplified. We continued by adding thousands of different crystals until all the frequencies were amplified, this resulted in neutral sound. But the problem was that the noise from the audio system was also amplified. We went on a mission to find the crystals that "contained" that noise and we removed them. So in the end, the whole music was amplified except for the noise itself. Our formula is universal and works for all audio systems from budget to high-end. *** Instructions Place the VibraPortal on top of any audio chassis. The crystal window faces down and presses against the component. Use multiple units for higher performance, place them beside each other (do not stack). ___ VibraPortal is shipped brand NEW from the Coconut-Audio factory in Sweden. Worldwide priority shipping is $45.
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