CONRAD-JOHNSONMF-2500A BIG SS POWER/CONRAD-JOHNSON MF-2500A BIG SS POWER/ TUBE SOUNDWell...I assume I don't need to tell you much about Conrad-Johnson. Their gear is legendary in the hobby, and with good reason. Built like a tank, and as they say "it just sounds right". I've tr...1600.00


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Well...I assume I don't need to tell you much about Conrad-Johnson. Their gear is legendary in the hobby, and with good reason. Built like a tank, and as they say "it just sounds right". I've tried a few really good amps with my Dynaudio monitors. One of the things Dyns are known for, is needing plenty of power to really come alive. I messed around with 2, 3, or 4 125/225-250 (8ohms/4) wpc models...some of which sounded very good; but I always felt the sense that last little bit of "magic" was missing from my system. I decided to try this BIG power amp, and see what it would do. And this mf-2500A delivers BIG power. Stereophile clocked it at 295/451 wpc...and then for musical transients (reserve power), measured with something called IHF tone-bursts...315/600...and even 976 wpc into a 2ohm load; that's some serious juice! Some people mistakenly think of power as just a measure of loudness; it's almost exactly the opposite. can crank up the Zep or Floyd when you need to, and re-live your teenage But what that BIG power really brings you, is a relaxed and effortless sound...when listening at your normal levels too. None of that power means much, if it sounds like crap; but I guess it goes without saying this C-J doesn't. I'm an SS guy (well, for power-amps anyway), through and through; so I'm not looking for that overly warm, old-school tubey sound. However, the C-J does have just a touch of warmth, that I found really welcoming. Again, not overly warm; just a touch, to really round out the edges in a very pleasing and musical way. As cliche as it might sound, this amp really is an iron fist, wrapped in the velvet glove! So why am I selling, if it's so great? I'm not selling mine; I have one to keep for myself, and this is an "extra" (long It's in pretty good shape, considering the age (I am not the original owner). The top and back are clean, there's some normal and minor marking on the heatsink fins (nothing unusual); the face-plate is in good shape, save for the small abrasion on the bottom-right corner (noted in pic). Note perfect feedback, and feel confident that I rate honestly; it's a true 7 (no offense to some of these other listings, but I don't think they're looking at the AG scale closely). Also note this is, what is thought to be the much-superior, 'A' version of this outstanding amp. Don't just take take my word, as the seller; before I got into C-J gear, I did much research. Not reviews and such...although you'll find plenty of good ones on this unit too; I went to seek opinions of owners and other enthusiasts. Many C-J guys didn't care for the original mf-2500. The 'A' version...with an upgrade at important capacitors and other parts, important to the audio what is thought to give it that little touch of warmth I mentioned. It is thought to be a much more musical amp, even over the "stock" mf-2500; and my understanding is this unit was not an mf-2500 upgraded by was built from the ground up as an 'A'-model (you could check with C-J, based on the serial number). I have the original box, for safe shipping (will include pic of that shortly); check feedback to see that I take great care with packing and shipping. I'm a meticulous audiophile, and I want to make sure the gear gets to the new owner, in the same condition it left in. Buyer to pay only actual s&h charges; if you'd like to use PayPal, please anticipate the usual 3.5%. I'm a long-standing member with proven track-record and perfect fedback. We all know AG is going through some growing pains right now...and as such, there's a lot of johnny-come-latelys around. Buy with confidence and contact me if interested.
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