CR DevelopmentsKalypsoSOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD -- Up for your inspection is a British made CR Developments Kalypso integrated amp I took in...1000.00

CR Developments Kalypso British Integrated [Expired]

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SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD -- Up for your inspection is a British made CR Developments Kalypso integrated amp I took in a trade ---{along with a nice bit-o-cash}--- from an Audio Asylum member, who wanted my very rare CR Developments Woodham 300 Classic Preamp. The ONLY reason I even considered taking this tube integrated amp in trade along with the $$$$$ I received for my preamp was because I was so impressed by how well it this little amp comapred sonically in a direct comparsion to my $12.5K Mastersound Reference 845, SET integrated amp! That and that alone made it worthy of consideration in my eyes. Configuration: Class AB, Output Power Output: 15 Watts RMS/ch, Response: 20Hz-25KHz ±1.5dB, Distortion: 0.5% 1W @1KHz, 0.5% 7W @1KHz, 1.0% 15W @1KHz, Tube Line-Up: Power Tubes: EL84 x 4 ---{presently there are Russian 6H14P-EB installed}---- Drivers: 12AU7 x 2 ---{I have very expensive Mazda "silver-plate" 12AU7WA installed}--- Phase Splitter 12AX7 x 2 and Pre-amplifier 12AX7 x 1 ---{all three of these are Russian 12AX7LPS tubes} Dimensions: 16"W x 4.75"H x 12.5"D and weight (unpacked) 26.5lbs. This Kalypso integrated tube amp weighs 26.5lbs unpackaged. That means it is easily 30lbs with bubblewrap and peanuts that will be surrounding the bubblewrapped amp, not to mention the weight of the box itself, but of course it could be slightly higher or lower than this weight when sent because I have guesstimated what the final weight will be! CR Developments is a British manufactuer that's not well know here in the states, but obviously in England and especially in Japan where it has a cult-like following, it's highly sought after and revered. I offer all my products first in the US & Canada in an effort to try and keep them in North America. However with that said, should you live outside of North America and find you're interested in something I'm selling. Contact me at my email address below and let's discuss this. I've made exceptions before and perhaps I'll make an exception for you. Let me tell you that this amp would make an outstanding foundation for a highend audio system in a smaller room, where a large amp is completely unnecessary, a waste of money and quite honestly overkill. The Kalypso would also serve well if it was to be used as the primary amp in highend system with high sensitivity speakers, or even for the more affluent as the basis of a second system in your den or bedroom. One last thought would be to pass on your love of music to your high school or college student by offering the Kalypso as their first entry into a true highend system! Truly what could be better than sharing your love of music with your children by providing them with such a wonderful gift? Please feel free to make a counter-offer if the price seems too high to you, but due to this amps ability to get tones, harmonics, timbre and pitch so correctly, along with it's wonderful soundstaging, deep bass, great dynamics & transient response ---{especially when used with high sensitivity speakers}--- as well as its wealth of detail & resultion that's never bright, etched, overdone or fake, but rather allows one to hear a note decay into the blackness of silence, until you realise the sound has finally disappeared! Added to this a wealth of inner resolution so many other components lack the ability to retrieve and well I simply don't see myself letting it go for a whole lot less than $1000, but it won't hurt to make an offer. Afterall what do you have to lose? If you pay via paypal please add 4% to cover their costs. Also if you have an questions, comments, want photos from other angles etc. you can contact me via phone at (407) 207-4364 --just speak into the answering machine and ask for Tom ---{I'll pick up if I'm home, but I refuse to speak with telemarketers}--- or you can send me an email at: thetubeguy1954(at)yahoo(dot)com This is a great video of another CR Developments Kalypso, that looks like mine except mine has golden knobs, not silver: Thanks, Thetubeguy1954 (Tom Scata)
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