Crystal Clear AudioMaster Class seriesCrystal Clear Audio Master Class series xlr 1m pair blackBEAUTIFUL finish 1 meter pair CCAC Master Class XLR Carbon/Silver finish version 2, which is built more better and sounds more even greater!! Terminated with Neutrik XLR silver contacts connectors....400.00

Crystal Clear Audio Master Class series xlr 1m pair black [Expired]

no longer for sale

BEAUTIFUL finish 1 meter pair CCAC Master Class XLR Carbon/Silver finish version 2, which is built more better and sounds more even greater!! Terminated with Neutrik XLR silver contacts connectors. This is a very excellent sounding XLR cables. I wouldn't buy anything else, except for this company. Pure 99.99% silver conductors. Elegant in design, high quality built. This Neutrik silver contacts connectors really made the difference in sound. I have notice a signicifant improvement with this connectors. I highly recommend this cable. It is so great!! I promise you!! I upgraded to the Magnum Opus series so I am selling all my Master Class. This is your chance to buy them in a very low price. You will love this cables, like I do!! THIS COMPANY SELL FAST!!!BUY IT!! NOW!!! Thanks. The best thing about owning these cables is, they come with lifetime warranty! Transferable to anybody. Any issues with them the warranty covers it. If it wears, the company can always renew them for you. Excellent warranty!! If you are Re-cabling your system!!Check out their website at crystalclearaudio dot com THE BEST SELLING CABLES IN AUDIOGON!!!! Here's some email of the recent purchase of these cables: Hi Maria Just receive your xlr cable this afternoon, it look nice & sound great, can't wait after they burn in & I would like to try some more of your cables,would you 've the master class series in 1 1/2 M length in hand or give me a quote, so I can have a think about in the next few days.ThanksRegards,Tom, Australia Wanted you to know I think your cables are now fully broken in and they sound fantastic. While breaking in the bass came and left and the detail kept getting better tonight the depth of soundstage became much greater. Thanks once again and Im still anxious to try your other cable when the time is right for you just give me a call. Hope you enjoyed that cd. Happy listening. Joe, Canyon Lake, CA. This is a feedback from Italy!! Thank you Maria, the Statement are sounding GREAT!!! Object in perfect condition, fast and secure shipment. The Crystal Clear are the best cables in the world, I think. Silvano, ITALY Hi Maria, I just had passed 100 hours on this babies. And I realized how clear and detailed it becomes. So smooth sounding. I love my system so much 10 times more than before. And just by adding this xlr's. This cable's "The Bomb". Expect me to buy some more this coming days. Thanks so much for a great service. You are truely a certified audiophile. Regards, Keith Maria,Yes! Just bought another one. Thank you. Think I am going to eat my earlier words to you. I have never heard anything present such a lovely open clear sound stage the vocals are superb, inflections and nuances i have never hear before. Done about 20 hours now. Peter M. "Hello Maria, just emailing to let you know the speaker cables arrived and I'm more than happy with them. These speaker cables have to be the best I've heard. I'll have great pleasure to to leave good feedback for you on Audiogon, Thank you. And by the way, are these cables new.? Regards Paul. Maria, I just thought I would tell you that I really think these are great cables. Even though they are not broken in yet, they are significantly better than my previous...Bob - Hi Maria. got the cables safe and sound and they are great. A little on the thick side (just an observation no a complaint) but beautifully made and they work just fine and are perfect for my setup.Thank you and best regards,Ross