Arche AudioOPUS 5 DAC TRANSFORMERArche Audio OPUS 5 DAC TRANSFORMER World Best Sounding USB DACArche Audio Opus 5 Digital Analogue Converter Transformer (DACT) The Opus 5 DACT is the very unique USB DAC which boasts: 1. No OP amp colorization 2. Absolutely jitter-Free analogue output ...3098.00

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Arche Audio Opus 5 Digital Analogue Converter Transformer (DACT) The Opus 5 DACT is the very unique USB DAC which boasts: 1. No OP amp colorization 2. Absolutely jitter-Free analogue output stage 3. Completely isolated and constant-impedance output stage The OPUS 5 is designed to enable owners enjoy the true beauty of the super high end audio at the mere entry-level mid-end price. Simple three steps to enjoy your favorate music at its best are: 1. Rip your CDs into non-compressed WAV files and save them into your notebook. 2. Connect your notebook to the Opus 5 for automatic Plug-N-Play. 3. Now you are ready to enoy so beautiful and ultra high-fidelity music which would be possible only with over $10K ~ $20K investment into digital hardwares. With the carefully selected digital chip set and the special transformer-coupled analogue output stage, the Opus 5 is designed to reproduce the most natural sound with sweetest and thickest tonality from digital music files. In addition, the OPUS 5 features a truly PLUG-N-PLAY function for easy and simple installation and enjoyment. (When the Opus 5 is connected to your music server or computer, it is automatically recognized without any S/W installation) Most USB DACs in the market are notorious for their artificial and sterile sound with thin and cold tonality despite of their stellar technical specs and long list of convenient features. This kind of sonic characteristics are often associated with unnatural irritation and fatigue-imposing music rendering which discourages extended music enjoyment. The design goal of the Opus 5 began with diagnosing the above musical drawbacks of the modern USB DACs. We at Arche Audio wanted to create a USB DAC which people can listen to all day long without digital fatigue and which delivers loveliness, warmth, sweetness, and emotional touch from digital music files. Firstly, we have thoroughly ransacked the parts supplier market in search for a musical sounding digital chip set. We have not focused on technical specs, but relied on actual auditioning to filter out the chip sets we want. Through extended listening test sessions, we finally selected the Texas Instrument PCM2706 chip set. Although this chip set does provide the DA conversion only for 16 bit files at the 48 KHz sampling rate, its sound is natural and warm with reasonable resolution. Secondly, we wanted to adopt the analogue output stage at the highest level. In this regard, our master transformer artisan developed the line output transformer which is specialized to process the analogue signal converted from digital data. The irreplaceable benefits of the output transformer design at its best are the most natural sound, realistic resolution and the constant output impedance (to maintain the same tonality throughout all frequency range). Thirdly, we added the outboard power supply for purest electricity supply. Also, we adopted a digital filter transformer to purify the digital signal for a better music reproduction. The outboard power supply is encased in the monolithic case which is similar to the main unit. Fourthly, the OPUS 5 DACT comes with two silver USB cables: one USB data-only cable and one USB cable. Both USB cables are made of 4N solid silver conductors and employ our proprietary multiple-crossing wiring topology to maximize the signal transfer and to minimize the external noise interference. Under the multiple-crossing topology, multiple 4N silver conductors with different gauges are used for data wires and power wires respectively. Finally, we utilized our world first class chassis technology to maximize the performance of the Opus 5. The main body is entirely milled from a solid billet aluminum block for the highest rigidity. And we used the world best quality custom RCA jacks for the finish touch of the Opus 5 chassis. The end result is that we gave a birth to a very special USB DAC Transformer at a reasonable cost which communicates with musical souls and touches the inner sensibility of musical emotion. This Opus 5 DACT does not boast the cutting-edge technical specs or the various convenient functions, but delivers the MUSIC that we audiophiles and music lovers aspired to enjoy from the beginning. We at Arche Audio hope that more music lovers take a benefit of this special Opus 5 USB DACT to enjoy digital music files year round and re-find the beauty and loveliness of fine music with utmost convenience in today's digital environment. US buyers are recommended to contact Phillip at the Mockingbird Distribution, Texas. Price: $3098.00 Package includes: one main unit, one outboard power supply and one 2.5ft Silver USB cable (to connect between the main unit and the power supply) Dimension: W8" x D5" x H6" for the main unit, W8" x D5" x H2.5" for the outboard power supply Weight: 15 lbs Option: one 4ft Silver USB cable for additional $399.00 (to connect between the music server and the power supply) Shipping will be done professionally and a buyer pays only the nominal shipping such as the EMS or the US Priority Mail Service. Paypal adds 4.5% fee. If other type of payment is preferred, please let me know to change the payment type.
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