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AN OPPORTUNITY TO OWN ONE OF THE FINEST DACs EVER PRODUCED – the MSB Diamond series bars no performance limits, and illuminates a dynamic, spatial and textural musicality, with deep bass, an extraordinarily wide sound stage and exquisite imaging, as only the finest equipment can deliver. MSB has refined digital to unimaginable levels, elevating instrument and vocal reproduction to life-like reality, eliminating digital harshness and congestion in the conversion process. And the elegant classic black setup is just stunning. 

This is your chance to own a state of the art DAC, in absolutely pristine condition - boosting a full array of unparalleled features – at a fraction of the original retail price. I am the original owner and purchased the unit from an authorized MSB dealer. The unit has been pampered, and was purchased new, in 2014. It has never required service. All original components will be included, e.g., the Diamond DAC, the Diamond Power Base, the DC-DC power cord, the AC power cord, the remote control, the manuals and the original factory cartons.

Note: This is not only a "full" Diamond package (both the DAC and the Power supply, not just the Power Supply), and it's not only the Diamond DAC IV, but the top tier Diamond DAC IV "Plus" model DAC, which was a completely new main motherboard, tailored to the Femto clock technology, accommodating a balanced (vs. single ended) clock configuration, and streamlining the clock signal path for additional accuracy. It also integrated the MSB Pro I2S module with the main motherboard.

The external product photographs are actual photos of the listed product - impeccable condition. The internal detail photos are stock photos from the web.

This remote controlled Diamond DAC IV Plus is designed with four 26-bit DAC’s per channel (eight DACs total), for true 27 bit resolution. It includes native decoding of 64x, 128x and 256x Quad Rate DSD and the inputs support 32 bits, up to 384KHz, it supports custom DSP and upsampling at 80 bit precision and includes an ultra low jitter 140 Femtosecond clock. 

Its elegantly simple and clutter-free front panel is loaded with features and options under the hood. On the front of the DAC are four small buttons for input and menu navigation, a display, and a volume control knob. The Diamond DAC IV is configured with the upgraded Diamond Volume Control, with a volume range of +9dB to –69dB. 

The display reveals the volume setting, the selected source input, the input and output sampling rates, upsampling status, the selected filter, phase polarity, and a whole host of configurable menu options. The display brightness is digitally adjustable, and can be set to be off, on, or to be active only when a selection is made (via the front panel or the remote).

The metal clad remote control mimics all the above front panel selections, and then some, e.g. mute and various pre-set buttons for quick accessibility. 

The rear panel hosts a set of balanced XLR left and right analog outputs, and two sets of single-ended RCA outputs, as well as a set of XLR balanced analog inputs. This richly featured array of digital and analog inputs, facilitates use of the Diamond DAC IV Plus as your main preamp, and I encourage you to experiment with this option as it was a tremendously favorable, and welcome boost to the overall sound quality in my system, when I eliminated a $19K preamp from the signal path – not only did it enhance and unveil the sound quality, but the sale of the pre-amp and additional cables, helped justify the investment in the DAC.

Digital interfaces include the MSB PRO I2S interface (which can be configured for use as a digital input or a WORD Clock output), and digital inputs include an Auxiliary (e.g. which can be used for a number of expansion options, including a USB port or an optional secondary PRO I2S interface, for a Render streaming option), a 32-bit MSB Network connection, a Balanced AES/EBU Digital input, a Clock Input, an Optical TosLink input and both a Coaxial and a BNC S/PDIF input. The unit also includes an eight-pin DC power jack for connecting with the Diamond Power Base.

Included in this listing, is the high-end Diamond Power Supply Base, with 8 independent power supplies, which extracts the ultimate performance from the Diamond DAC by tightly regulating, filtering and shielding the unit, so minimum noise is coupled into the separate DAC chassis. The Diamond power base uses rapid Silicon Carbide Schottky Diodes for instant response with zero reverse recovery current, and provides two 12V and one 24V supply for the Diamond DAC IV, and a 12VDC supply for an optional transport. Additionally, the unit includes a 12V triggered remote control, and rear on/off power switch, and the optional front panel power control.

Cashiers checks or Wire only. Unit ships upon clearance of bank funds. Shipping & insurance are the responsibility of the buyer.

Pricing: $27,995 (Diamond DAC IV Plus) + $2,995 (Diamond Volume Control) + $199 (Word Clock Adaptor) + $5,995 (Diamond Power Base) + $485 (Front Panel Control) + tax + shipping = $41,259.


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Inputs: Coaxial (RCA & BNC), Toslink, Balanced AES/EBU, 32-bit MSB Network, Balanced XLR Analog input

RCA Outputs: Two sets: 2.62V RMS (7V pp)

RCA Output Impedance: 38 ohms with volume control

Balanced Outputs: One set: 5.23V RMS (14V pp) 

Output Impedance: 76 ohms with volume control

Digital interfaces: MSB PRO I2S; USB (optional)

Other: Word Clock via I2S adaptor [$199]

Diamond Volume Control: 1dB Stepped Attenuator with 1/4dB steps (+9 to -69 dB) [$2,995]

Digital Filter: 32x Digital Filter by MSB Technology 

Slew rate: >1000 V/µs

Settling time: <90ns

Bit depth: 32 bits

Sampling frequency: 32KHz to 384KHz


Inputs: 100-120VAC or 200-240VAC

Outputs: (2) 12VDC, (1) +/-24VDC for Diamond DAC; (1) 12VDC for Transport

Control Features: 12V remote power on/off, rear power switch

Optional Control: Front panel control [$485]

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