M2TechEVO USB/SPDIF inc Ext ClockM2Tech EVO USB/SPDIF inc Ext Clock  & MCRU Linear Power SupplyM2Tech EVO MK1 full stack USB to SPDIF convertorComplete high end USB to SPDIF system to get the absolute best out of your PC / Mac USB audio. This is the 230-240V version.It is compatible with Asy...540.00

M2Tech EVO USB/SPDIF inc Ext Clock & MCRU Linear Power Supply [Expired]

no longer for sale

M2Tech EVO MK1 full stack USB to SPDIF convertor

Complete high end USB to SPDIF system to get the absolute best out of your PC / Mac USB audio. This is the 230-240V version.

It is compatible with Asyncronious mode (Core Audio) on a PC or Mac and plays in Direct mode for optimum sound quality.

The M2Tech EVO regularly comes out on top as the best USB - SPDIF convertor alongside the OffRamp 5 and Berkeley Alpha. I have heard the OffRamp 5 and the EVO is on par, possibly slightly more transparent. 



Comprises 3 units:

M2 Tech EVO USB - SPDIF convertor

M2 Tech EVO External Clock

MCRU 12V DC Linear Power Supply

AudioQuest BNC to BNC cable for connecting the ext Clock


Complete EVO MK1 system new cost £395 + £350 + £360 + 45 = £1150

So I am thus selling at under 40% original price which I think is very fair and allows someone to obtain superb computer audio without a huge outlay.

The units are mechanically perfect with slight marks to the case work (not obvious).


I will offer Free Shipping to UK and EU. Shipping elsewhere please ask.


MCRU Linear Power Supply details here:

I have also added extra ventilation holes to the Linear Power Supply to aid cooling. (It only gets warm, not hot).


The USB input board in most DACs is a compromise and often designed to a budget / compromise. USB power (5V feed) is also sent down the USB lead to power many internal boards adding noise and distortion. Bypassing the USB input on your DAC and using the better SPDIF input (RCA or BNC) is the better option for maximum sound quality. If you have an older DAC with no USB input, then this is also the perfect solution to hook up your PC or Mac to your DAC via the SPDIF input. Realise the full potential of your DAC!


The M2Tech EVO full stack beats any CDP I have tried, with better dynamics and wider soundstage without sounding digital. The M2Tech EVO MK2 has had cosmetic changes, but the mechanics are identical and the sound is unchanged between the units. The MK2 has also seen a big price increase compared to the MK1 i.e a complete MK2 system would be £530 + £530 + £360 = £1420


This is for use between a PC or Mac USB output to your DAC, i.e. you need a DAC as well.


Any questions, just ask.

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