MusicaIbuki USB DACMusica Ibuki USB DAC SealedVery rare Musica Ibuki USB DAC with granite base. One of the most musical DACs ever made. Highly sought after, but hard to find. One of the last two in the west that I am aware of. This is a ve...795.00

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Very rare Musica Ibuki USB DAC with granite base.  One of the most musical DACs ever made.  Highly sought after, but hard to find.  One of the last two in the west that I am aware of.  This is a very elegant DAC manufactured by a boutique manufacturer in Japan.  Black with gold flower silk screening.  An old school digital analogue converter which utilizes a Burr Brown PCM 2704 chip.  This chip is limited to 16-bit 48Khz, so no high resolution 24-bit files.  However since it resolves 44.1 Khz and 48 Khz, 192 Khz, 176 Khz, 96 Khz and 88Khz files will down sample perfectly. Signal is then passed through a 6111 tube.  Simple but elegant design.  Truly engaging sound.  Specs do not always translate to great sound.  This DAC is sublime. 
The enclosure is made from three materials. The bottom, front and back panels are made from bent, metal sheets. Metal was also used for the shield behind the tube. The rest of the front, back and the top cover are made from plastic. The engineers believe that metal in the vicinity of the electronic circuitry is a curse. And there is also a thin wood insert in the front panel that is made from 150 year old cedar trees in the region.
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As the reviews state, so good you will be tempted to use this for your 16-bit files and another DAC for your 24-bit files.  If you are trying to find that magical old school sound by looking for used Theta Gen Vs, Monarchy 24s or EAD 7000s, stop.  This is the DAC you want.
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