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T+A Elektroakustik DAC 8 with Volume Control. 

With built-in volume, eight digital inputs and remote control operation this luxurious DAC/preamp covers all bases for today’s audiophiles. It’s also beautifully engineered
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With the exception of its high-end, valve-laden V-Series range – which includes the company’s awesome flagship M10 hybrid monoblocks [HFN Sept ’12] – the cosmetic design of T+A components tends to be unfussy and understated. Its latest D-to-A converter is no exception. But while the overall look is low-key and unassuming, the DAC 8 boasts a wealth of audiophile design details that the German company has been refining over the years. the heart of the matter At its heart are four stereo Burr-Brown 32-bit/384kHz Sigma Delta DACs in a ‘double symmetrical’ quadruple arrangement. Oversampling is carried out by a 56-bit digital signal processor, the DAC 8 featuring four selectable digital filters [see boxout] and a choice of 60kHz (Standard) or 120kHz bandwidth (Wide Mode) reconstruction filters in its analogue stage. Two on-board power supplies separately feed the DAC 8’s digital and analogue sections, the latter being of fully discrete and symmetrical design. A further key design feature is galvanic isolation between the digital and analogue sections – not just between a computer source and the DAC 8’s USB input – using ‘i-couplers’ made by Analog Devices. This aims to prevent any interference from source devices finding its way into the DAC’s analogue audio circuits. Meanwhile, to minimise jitter, T+A employs a sophisticated system for clock regeneration: in the first stage a raw clock is derived from the received data stream and a PLL circuit used to remove coarse jitter from the source device and transfer path. This clock is then analysed by the DAC 8’s microprocessor, and if it fulfils minimum frequency and stability criteria the D-to-A converters are switched to an extremely accurate master-clock that’s generated internally. This clock is entirely de-coupled from the source device, designed, says T+A, to eliminate all trace of jitter from the source [see Lab Report, p69]. The DAC 8 employs two quartz oscillators: one for 44.1/88.2/176.4kHz and another for 48/96/192kHz clock families. If the incoming signal does not fulfil the requirements for switching to one of the local clock oscillators, a second PLL stage is employed instead. T+A says this greatly improves performance from the first ‘jitterbug’ stage, claiming it reduces the residual jitter by a factor of 4. Sporting no fewer than eight digital inputs, the DAC 8 can be used as a preamp in an all-digital-source system, its design incorporating a bespoke volume control that works in the analogue domain down to low levels to avoid truncation and reduction of dynamic range. A slider switch on the rear panel determines whether or not the DAC 8’s volume control is activated. Two gold contact relays bypass the volume control when it’s not required, removing it entirely from the signal path. dinky remote does the job There are volume up/down buttons on the front panel; however, the DAC 8 includes remote control operation – including input switching – via a supplied IR handset. You might feel a little short-changed by the remote controller: it’s one of those very dinky plastic affairs of the sort typically supplied with camcorders. Nevertheless it does at least allow control from your listening seat, and includes buttons for S/PDIF and USB DAC with variable output Made by: T+A elektroakustik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany Supplied by: Avoke Ltd Telephone: 07876 246956 Web: www.taelektroakustik.de; www.avoke.co.uk RIGHT: The ‘quad DACs’ are under four bronze T+A stickers while the large black DSP that handles the digital filtering sits below. The discrete analogue preamp stage(s) lie above W

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