DSPeakerAnti-Mode 2.0usedDSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 TRADE-IN -1/2 price + EC Streamer - Order Dec. 27th======= A Great HOLIDAY GIFT for a Family member or Audio Friend ==========This is a 2 DAY Holiday SPECIAL offer ... purchase by Wednesday Dec. 27th by 15:00 PST and get a NEAR Mint Dual Core Tr...499.00

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DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 TRADE-IN -1/2 price + EC Streamer - Order Dec. 27th [Expired]

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======= A Great HOLIDAY GIFT for a  Family member or Audio Friend   ==========

This is a 2 DAY Holiday SPECIAL offer ... purchase by Wednesday Dec. 27th by 15:00 PST and get a NEAR Mint Dual Core Trade-in for $ 499 .. 1/2 Price ... NEW Retail is $ 999


Get a $ 499 Dual Core Trade-in with a BRAND NEW EC Living RENA S-1 Streamer worth $ 649 for a BUNDLE price of $ 999 ... SAVE $ 649 of the NEW Retail price of $ 1,648. 

NOTE 1 : Our Price includes PayPal Fees and shipping to you. Order must be recieved by    Wednesday Dec.27th 15:00 PST to ensure delivery of the Streamer to you by Saturday Dec.30th.

NOTE 2 : The Availalbility of the Dual Core Trade-ins depends on the rate at which we receive them from our DSPeaker X4 Upgrade program. If we do not have a DC ready to ship for the promised Saturday Dec.30th. delivery date we will give you the opportunity to take a partial refund of $ 499 or wait until we have more DC Trade-ins in stock. 

NOTE 3 : You have a 10 Day 90 pct Money back Guarantee on the NEW RENA S-1   It  must be returned in MINT condition with original packaging - return shipping at your cost. 

 ======== Why we have so many DUAL CORE TRADE-INS  ============

Following the launch of the NEW DSPeaker X4 Stereo Optimization System we have lots of Dual Core Trade-ins from our Customers. They got a $ 500 Trade-in value for the new $ 3,995 X4 and we are passing these Near MINT units on to you at $ 499 .. 1/2 Price !!

My hope is to create more DSPeaker Room Correction Converts and that some might upgrade to the X4.  If you decide to upgrade from your recently purchased Dual Core to the X4 within 10 Days, we will give you a $499 Trade-in for your Dual Core !!

ABOUT THE NEW EC Living RENA S-1 Streamer   

If you want to add SPOTIFY, TIDAL and Internet Radio Streaming to any system or the Dual Core system then here is a GREAT Value opportunity ....  The Electrocompnaiet EC-Living  RENA S-1 streamer is similar to the Bluesound Node-2 but superior... large External PSU etc.

NOTE the EC RENA S-1 streamer will support MQA and ROON RAAT via a free Firmware update Early 2018.

Electrocompaniet have a FREE app for BOTH Apple and Droid Phones and Tablets.

NOTE : You have a 10 Day 90 pct Money back Guarantee on the NEW RENA S-1   It  must be returned in MINT condition with original packaging - return shipping at your cost.


== How I use the EC Living RENA S-1 Streamer with my Dual Core every day ===

1) I connect all my HDMI devices ( CDP, DVD, BLUE-RAY player, Cable TV and Firestick ) to my SMART TV. The SMART TV converts all the HDMI Audio inputs to SPDIF and ouputs them in SPDIF Toslink and Coax.   

2) I connect the SPDIF TV output to the RENA S-1.  

3) The RENA ouputs all the TV HDMI inputs PLUS the Streaming and Internet sources           in BOTH SPDIF coax and Analog.   

4) I connect the Analog out of the RENA to the Analog input of the Dual Core.

This set-up gets me DSPeakers state of the art Room Correction and remote control of Volume and Tone using their QuickTone feature with all my soures ... 

QuickTone gives you Remote Control of Bass,Treble, TILT and Loudness ... very  useful  for taming bright recordings...the loudness feature is great for late night listening !!   

==== LINK TO EC Livings RENA S-1 product description in Norway =====



Listed in Sterophiles Class A Recommended Components listing 5 Year running ... other products in the same catagory list for over $ 13k !!

This USED / TRADE-IN unit is NEAR MINT and comes in its origainal box with ALL accessories which include : 
1 12 Volt PSU 
1 Microphone 
1 Remote 
1 USB cable
This is the latest 2013 Edition with an additional +13 db of Gain and can replace ones pre-amp. .. It also has the latest May 2014 Firmware update which is rock solid.. 
The Dual Core has 3 inputs ... Analog RCA and XLR, USB ( limited to 48/24 ) and SPDIF. The best input is the SPDIF input which supports up to 96/24. 
To get the best performance from the Dual Core with Digital inputs we have two low cost solutions using the award winning modules from Wyred4Sound. 
If your source is SPDIF, then all you need is the Remedy Clock. In addition to re-clocking your SPDIF digital audio, it also up-samples all your CD files from 44.1/16 to 96/24 which is the optimum sample rate for the Dual Core. 
If your source is USB / Computer Audio, then we suggest adding the W4S uLink which then feeds the SPDIF input of the Dual Core.

The picture shows the Dual Core on the OPTIONAL ULN-2 PSU (Ultra Linear PSU) which retailed for $ 500..... USED ULN-2 PSUs are now available at $ 250 ( 1/2 Price ).

ALL Prices includes the 2-3 day Coast to Coast USPS Priority shipping within Continental USA. 

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