Wadia 171iTransport DACusedWadia 171i Transport DAC Black Original BoxWadia 171i DAC Transport Black Excellent Condition come with all Accessories,Manual,BoxI also thrown in Apple 30 pin to lightning Adapter work with new IPhone ----- WADIA THEY DON'T MAKE THI...475.00

Wadia 171i Transport DAC Black Original Box [Expired]

no longer for sale

 Wadia 171i DAC Transport Black Excellent Condition come with all Accessories,Manual,Box

I also thrown in Apple 30 pin to lightning Adapter work with new IPhone 



The new 171iTransport is the industry’s first certified “Works with iPhone” dock to offer pure, bit-perfect digital output, allowing the revered smartphone to perform as a high-end media server.

“Our new 171iTransport does the neat trick of turning both the iPhone and the iPod into the ultimate media servers,” says John Schaffer, President, Wadia Digital. “Listeners who value high-end sound can get the full musical benefit out of their portable music collections, with all the storage advantages and the great user interface. It’s really the perfect marriage between convenience and performance.”

Wadia’s 171iTransport builds on the award winning success of its previous 170iTransport model with “Works with iPhone” compatibility, as well as overall higher performance thanks to improved power supply components and step-up audiophile grade connectors that easily couple to a DAC, A/V receiver or other audio component with a D/A converter. High-resolution video signals are also passed cleanly through the dock’s component video connections. The cast aluminum chassis reduces unwanted resonance through its vibration absorbing isolation cones. A new power supply indicator is included as well. A new feature-rich infrared remote control allows convenient navigation through Playlists and Albums. The 171iTransport will recharge either an iPhone or iPod when either device is docked to the iTransport. A small revolution continues... Experience true audiophile sound quality and superior video performance by integrating the iPhone, iPod and iPad into your home Audio and Video system. Built on a precision-engineered aluminum chassis, the 171iTransport is the first iPhone, iPod and iPad component to offer native digital audio output and high-resolution component. For optimum iPhone antenna performance, the 171iTransport comes with an adaptor that includes a tethered cable so the iPhone can be connected while outside the aluminum chassis. This also allows for connection with your iPad. The 171iTransport includes a metal infrared remote control, coaxial digital cable, docking inserts and the new iPhone/iPad adaptor

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