Danish Audio Design Tube 10Reference monsterDanish Audio Design Tube 10 Reference monster save $9000DANISH AUDIO DESIGN TUBE 10 REFERENCE"state of the art,and use the latest technology from the company with over 20 years experience of building dac´s* Singel ended class A* 3 years fullwarranty* Ab...6000.00

Danish Audio Design Tube 10 Reference monster save $9000 [Expired]

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"state of the art,and use the latest technology from the company with over 20 years experience of building dac´s

* Singel ended class A
* 3 years fullwarranty
* Absolut best price/performence

The DAC is built too "Keeping it simple" it means that all components are of the highest grade and the that the path from input to output is the shortest possible.

"worldclass",better than Audio Note DAC5 & KSL kondo, Zanden 5000 signature, dCS p8i CD / SACD Player sounds ridiculous next to this dac

"Audio note Dac 5 special"($55,000) uses the same AD1865 chip and are build as dual mono as the very old "MONSTER DUAL MONO DAC" from DAD
It sounded good but are now replaced with much better chip!!

To avoid many of the known problems(interference) in "one-size dacs-cd"it contain 3 seperated boxes as follows:

1. PSU 10 With huge power supply!!(110v or 220v)
2. DAC 10 Upgraded version also now with own box
3. TUBE 10 Instead of using the output stage from DAC 10 it has it's ownbox and PSU(110v or 220v)
After the rectifier there is a choke based supply for minimal noise
The circuit itself is made of a passive I/V conversion, based on a
high quality carbon film resistor

The connection between the 3 units is made by following cables!
You can combine several different tubes for the rectificer and find
what is your taste


I am very satisfied with the Dac tube 10,it plays amazingly good!!!
Very musical, detailed and airy.
Great tone and pitch,makes your forget it is digital format(as Kondo
dac KSL does)
I disconnected the Kondo and played all time dac 10,to be sure a have
to change again to Kondo(i thought maybe Kondo wins in purety of tone)
....but I think Dac 10 is a CLEAR WINNER !!!!
I had some doubts reading your ad......but every word you wrote is true.
Kind regards

Adam, Poland(Tube 10+ Cap 10 high standard tubes) since I switched to vinyl two years ago, all my library of CDs and FLAC files was left useless until now. Music from Tube 10 sounds like vinyl played on reference SET amp. It outperforms all I heard in my not so short life. Many thanks to You and Ole. Now I try to make some tube rolling, to fit perfectly to my taste. Regards, Adam.
Gid,Israel(Tube 10 reference high standard tubes) I enjoy very much from the tube 10 DAC It is much better from a lot of other which cost much more Two weeks ago we had a head to head between the tube 10 dac and Mbl 1611E dac($21450.00) Tube 10 outperform in all aspects Thank a lot for the information Gid
Wong, Honkong (Tube 10 reference) Overall: Very natural and linear with a good coherence of music flow. The choice of tube can make the sound very different. When I change to higher grade tubes,the performance is improved dramatically. Dynamic: Outstanding. The DAC can produce a wider dynamic range compared to my previous tube DAC(zanden 5000). The transient it produces is fast and with attack. Tonality: It has rich tonal color and does not colorate any specific range of frequency in my system. Transparency: Very clean and dark background and foreground giving rise to a very transparent tonal picture. Noise control by this dAC is remarkable. As a whole in this price range, I am very confident that it stands from many many others in the market! Wong
How can it be so cheap and still be the TOTAL musical as many dacs promise but NEVER deliver?
5 simple steps that is very unusually in this hifibusiness

NO Money is spent on advertice and comercial
NO Money is spent on a store with big rent to pay
NO Employee
NO Dealer that will steal alot of 30-60% of profit
NO One-sizebox..all important parts are totally seperated from each other
NO One but YOU is the winner!!


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