Dared New Dv-6c6 & 5.1 channelDared New Dv-6c 6 & 5.1  channel world 1st  6-ch tube ampA) Vinyl LP (as source) + your $$$$ audio gears => Great results; B) CD (as source) + your $$$ audio gears => Good results; C) Multi-ch DSD recording SACD (a...469.00

Dared New Dv-6c 6 & 5.1 channel world 1st 6-ch tube amp [Expired]

no longer for sale

A)   Vinyl LP (as source) + your $$$$ audio gears => Great results;

B)   CD (as source) + your $$$ audio gears => Good results;

C)     Multi-ch DSD recording SACD (as source) + your $$ player and spks matched with a DV-6C amp => Best results!


The statement C) is NOT a joking. Most people do not believe it. You have three weeks to verify my statement. If you feel my statement C) is not true, just return the amp for refund. How do verify? Simple, just get following 6 discs (from 6 different labels) to listen and compare (flop your remote to select between multi-ch SACD and 2-ch CD to listen. What a day-and-night different!). I bet you will NOT return the amp.


Disc1: http://sa-cd.net/showtitle/1157

Disc2: http://sa-cd.net/showtitle/4633

Disc3: http://sa-cd.net/showtitle/3220

Disc4: http://sa-cd.net/showtitle/4201

Disc5: http://sa-cd.net/showtitle/1865

Disc6: http://sa-cd.net/showtitle/2188


Brand new Dared DV-6C 6 & 5.1 channel tube/digital integrated amp


When Sharp first commercially introduced a class-D digital integrated amplifier (2-channel) in 2000, class-D digital amps were viewed as hot product and pricy high-end item, cost about $15,000.00 for a Sharp SM-SX100 amp.

Today, Dared makes 6 and 5.1 channel class-D digital amps for under $1000. Yes, better ever with latest digital amp chips, and front preamp stage is tube based. Yes, the front preamp stages are all tube-based. No, you don’t need to get a separate $13,000.00 6-channel all-tube preamp: Fosgate Audionics FAP V1. This little Dared has all-- it integrates best of both worlds! 2010 Blue Moons Award winner!


1)  With full 12-month warranty and sealed original box, with warranty card, manual, etc all included

2)  Two-week free take home audition, with no risk (shipping fee and payapl fee are not refundable if return within two weeks).

(Retail is $650. The sound quality and build quality are many times better than amps you buy from consumer electronics stores – no more poor quality sound from your local stores: ref 1, ref 2, ref 3, ref 4, and ref 5, ..).


Best multichannel amp per $ you ever can find on the earth. First class-A tube and class-D digital hybrid multi-channel amp you can find in the market today. World first tube/digital hybrid 6-channel amp!


See reviews:

6Moons Review

EnjoyTheMusic Review



(Note: in the above reviews, the only complain by the reviewers are the cheap-looking spring-loaded speaker terminals on the back that limit to use usual banana cables. This is because the space on the rear panel is limited. However, now we offer 6 sets of speaker binding post adapters to overcome this, so you can use any type of high end speaker cables as wish. Those are included in this sale for free, see the picture below:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Dared DV-6C: The 6-channel class-A tube and class-D digital hybrid amplifier

Daringly different!

The best of both worlds:  class-A Single-ended Tube preamp for warm and rich harmonics, class-D Single-ended Digital power amp output for accuracy and resolution.

Audiophile’s dream comes true: silky high blends with sonorous midrange, musicality and tactility in perfect harmony.

The magic of Class A single-ended triode: Dared’s expertise in tube amplifier brings warm, natural sound to home theater and multi-channel SACD you’ve never thought possible.

All the power in your hand: 6 x 65 watts all channels driven, 5.1, 5.0, 3.0, 2.1 and 2-channel mode selectable through front panel and remote control. (See box pictures, click here)

Description: Power stages use three Philips latest Class-D digital power amps, TDA8920C chips, with Single-ended mode output about 65 watt per channel (wpc) for 4 Ohm speakers (max ~110 wpc, but we designed for about 65 wpc for best sound quality possible). Preamp stages use three 12AX7 tubes for class-A single-ended mode. Five inputs are fed to tube preamp stages. The sub-bass input is bypass to the tube and connect to SS preamp stage. Control board uses high quality controller processor CPU STC89LE52 (China-military grade by defense industry) and Renesas (formerly joined Hitachi/Mitsubishi) R2S15902 signal processor (only used for select as 2-ch inputs with 5.1 output, otherwise bypass). All firmware are designed and programmed in house by Dared. Input coupling capacitors are TDK and filtering capacitors are Nichicon. Silver signal wires and gold trace PCB and gold plated tube sockets.

Common question 1: how can I connect this amp to bypass my 5.1-ch or 7.1-ch receiver?

Answer 1: Either your receiver or DVD (or SACD) player (or both) has to have Digital processor build in. Just connect this amp to whichever (either your receiver or DVD or SACD player) has 5.1-ch or 7.1-ch line (analog) outputs (click to see a typical layout) by using common RCA interconnect cables. If no analog outputs, then you need buy one with, click to see.


Common question 2: how can I connect this amp to my PC or laptop to play 5.1-ch music?

Answer 2: click to see the answer.


Common question 3: I am classical music lover. I usually go to live concert and I often pay over $100 a ticket. Shall I get this tube amp and invest on a multi channel system?

Answer 3: Yes, you shall. Today over 4000 classical music SACD titles are DSD original recording. Over 80% of them are multi-channel: http://www.sa-cd.net/dsd. A good DSD recording on multi-channel SACD is far better than you can imagine: BestAudio

I usually paid over $80 (and over $150 for a better seat) a ticket to Chicago Symphony Orchestra (http://cso.org/). Not any more after I have setup a multi-channel system for my SACDs. I had tested many times, for an $80 seat at a live concert of CSO, while listening with my both eyes close the sonic/music experience actually is not better than a good original DSD recording played on my multi-channel system at home. Both my wife and I concluded that with eyes open at a live concert certainly feel better. This is somehow to do with the brain to correlate with visual information processing while experience a live music. Here is my multi-channel setup with DV-6C:



I turned off lights……..



And then project the CSO stage image on the screen while listening; the music comes to live and better than ever:



With many good original DSD recorded SACDs I have experienced live-stage-performance. I can pinpoint image of each instrument as at a live stage (click to see). The tones of instruments are far more accurate and detailed. I do not miss signatures of complex music sound as heard in a live stage, from which some of these instruments were being played with extensively higher frequency harmonics (click to see). Although in theory you cannot hear those higher harmonics (>20 kHz), but those instruments recorded with DSD played back in my system is far more realistic than any regular CD I ever heard. In my system with DV-6C, in comparison between a good DSD recording multi-channel SACD and a regular 2-ch CD, it like day-and-night different. Stunning! Most high quality SACDs comes as hybrid that contains regular 2-ch CD layer. So you can just use your remote control of player flop between multi-channel SACD and a regular 2-ch CD layer to compare.


Common question 4: I have a good stereo (2-ch) tube amp at home, and two Solid State (SS) stereo amps too. Can I use the tube amp for my two front main channels and other two SS amps for center and rear channels?

Answer 4: This is most often asked question. Distinct multi-channel DSD recording is done by the way that all recording requirements on 5 channels are exactly identical. When you replay the music out from an SACD, in order to reproduce live-concert-like music as was originally recording intended, it is required that amplifiers in all 5 channels shall be exactly identical. Especially the center channel is very sensitive. A small difference (even at 10 ms) in delay among your amplifiers will introduce considerable incoherence in music. Hence you will not hear the music as live-concert-like as you wish recorded on SACD. The DV-6C overcomes this. This is why it won 2010 Blue Moons Award (6moons Blue Moon Award is bestowed only on components or music releases of rare excellence).


Common question 5: I am a true believer of 2-channel Vinyl LP. I listen to mostly Jazz and some of Classical music. Can you tell me a main reason I shall try this amp, and what would be a possible regret if I bought this amp?

Answer 5: This is an important question. For the 1st part of this question, needless of saying how much benefits of tube amp are over SS amp if you are the true believer of Vinyl LP. The regular CD (or so-called “Redbook” CD) is considered as a low-resolution digital medium, 44.1kHz/16 bit. Hence in theory it is NOT possible that CD can be used as recording medium to playback as “true” analog sound as that Vinyl LP used.

I have spent some time to critical listening on best DSD recording Jazz SACDs (http://www.sa-cd.net/toprecommendations). The good DSD multi-ch SACDs are far better than regular CDs in terms of sound naturalness, holographic imaging, presence, depth, resolution, midrange purity and dynamic contrast.

For a large scale stage music performance such as complex orchestra, etc, the low-resolution (44.1kHz/16 bit) CD recording is simply out of question that will never bring you to a live-like-music experience. You either stay your old Vinyl LPs or new original DSD recorded SACDs, period! If you want listen to new recordings, the DSD SACDs are the only option. There are over 4000 classical music titles SACDs during last 10 years, most of them are multi-channel. For the 2nd part of this question, no you will not regret for buying this amp. If you want to fallback to 2-channel only, you will enjoy this amp more than any other amps since this amp can be used as true bi-amp (or tri-amp). The results are far better than using a regular stereo amp.



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