DNM StereoInter-connects NaimDNM Stereo Inter-connects Naim Resolution AudioFor sale is a mint condition, 3 month old, 1 meter pair of DNM inter-connects with a DNM DIN plug on one end and Eichmann Bullet phono plugs on the other end. These cables are a fantastic value at...124.00

DNM Stereo Inter-connects Naim Resolution Audio [Expired]

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For sale is a mint condition, 3 month old, 1 meter pair of DNM inter-connects with a DNM DIN plug on one end and Eichmann Bullet phono plugs on the other end. These cables are a fantastic value at $198 retails as they will outperform cables at twice the price. They are a BARGIN at my asking price. Paypal and shipping in the lower 48 states included. In 2008 the DNM range of stereo solid core cables was extended to three types, two stereo/bi-wire speaker cables and one stereo interconnect cable, offering an ideal cable for most applications with the clearest sound regardless of price. DNM Stereo Solid Core Interconnect cable - is a stereo ultra-high resolution interconnect cable in one small ribbon (0.4mm conductor for all applications that do not require a shielded connection. How DNM Stereo Solid Core cable works: DNM uses scientific principles to set the basic cable parameters, defining the magnetic and ultra-high frequency characteristics, both factors that really do affect the audio performance of a cable. Less certain aspects of cable design, such as conductor shape and propagation velocity of the insulation material, add to the mystique of hi-fi cable design and increase the price but not the performance. DNM Design considers the interface between amplifier and cable to be vital for best sound quality. We therefore concentrate on getting the basics right and our tests have confirmed that complex cables with speculative design features, even though they cost much more, usually lack in sound quality compared with DNM cables. The main features of DNM audio cables are described below. Three domestic DNM cables are now available at a modest price but they all give very high performance. DNM Solid Core conductors: DNM uses single solid-core (round-section high purity copper) conductors to ensure that magnetically generated back-EMF is truly proportional to the signal. This contrasts with the untidy magnetically-generated eddy currents that interfere with the audio signal in the conductors of heavy multi-stranded cables and cables using flat section conductors. The insulation and cable construction: DNM stereo solid core audio cables use LDPE (low density polyethylene) insulation in a unique ribbon that is designed to improve the audio performance. The DNM stereo ribbon is dimensioned for the application and it contains four conductors that carry two channels for stereo. The ribbon is a key element because it controls the all-important spacing between the conductors defining the RCL balance (resistance, capacitance and inductance) which determines the ultra-high frequency loading - a factor that definitely affects the sound quality of the driving amplifier. The DNM conductors are encased in a semi-transparent outer ribbon. The ribbon has an offset between its own plane and the plane of the conductors, as shown above. This causes air to be the primary dielectric, reducing the capacitance between the conductors and increasing linearity. Carefully selected spacing between the conductors minimises the high frequency reflections that can reduce the performance of the amplifier. An easy-separation feature is designed into the ribbon which has the added advantage of reducing its tendency to resonate when the speaker current causes the conductors to be magnetically pulled together (reducing the Q of the structure). The combined effect of all the advanced features in DNM Stereo Solid Core cables offer a new level of sound clarity at a modest price.
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