DynaudioFocus 110ADynaudio Focus 110A New in Rosewood/Cherry/Piano White/Black Ash.We Are Sunny's Home Theater and Music Systems. www.sunnyaudiovideo.com. 626-966-6259. We are stocking demonstrating Dynaudio Dealers in Covina, Ca. Dynaudio's 110A is an Active speaker with 2X...1550.00

Dynaudio Focus 110A New in Rosewood/Cherry/Piano White/Black Ash. [Expired]

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We Are Sunny's Home Theater and Music Systems. www.sunnyaudiovideo.com. 626-966-6259. We are stocking demonstrating Dynaudio Dealers in Covina, Ca. Dynaudio's 110A is an Active speaker with 2X50 WPC Amplifier built into the speaker. Several uses including a High performance Recording studio monitor, a Desktop stereo system, or a highly resolving 2 channel system with T+A Caruso. Dynaudio's incredible Focus 110A speaker is now available at a substantial discount for you. This is a NEW unopened box with warranty. This speaker is designed from the ground up with a very high quality Amplifier circuit that produces enough power to make for you a great High Performance Sonos System, a great 2 channel system with a Preamplifier or a fantastic Home Theater system with a great Pre processor like the Integra DHC80.3. We shall also provide free shipping with multiple upgrade paths. We can also deliver, install and calibrate a complete system for you. Great offers on Receivers, stands etc with purchase. Visit our Website. www.sunnyaudiovideo.com Focus 110 A Focus 110 A More Music. More Variety. Excellent sound quality and a multitude of different uses: The actively-powered Focus 110 A is the most versatile high-end compact loudspeaker ever made. With its integrated stereo power amplifier and advanced Dynaudio driver technology, the multipurpose Focus 110 A serves as the ideal loudspeaker for a wide range of audio/video and music systems. Dynaudio's legendary specially-coated soft dome tweeter and proprietary MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) mid/bass driver with its distinctive diaphragm combine with sophisticated dual-amplifier technology to form this unique "active" loudspeaker. Benefiting from Dynaudio's vast knowledge and experience developing active studio monitors, the 110 A drive units have been precisely tailored to perfectly match the internal amplifiers, just as the amplifiers have been to match the Focus drivers. This optimized design concept yields an ultimate audio system: An exceptional loudspeaker integrated with its own idyllic amp. The musical result impresses upon first listen: there is remarkable precision and dynamics, combined with an excellent, naturally-balanced, authentic sound. Immediate musical enjoyment: The Focus 110 A and streaming audio/network players. Enjoy music on a high sound quality level, even without CD or Vinyl: Music can also sound great with high bit-rate audio files played through a quality network player or streaming client. Many players come with volume-controlled pre-outs - ideal for the actively powered Focus 110 A. Home Theater, neatly integrated: The Focus 110 A and surround pre-amp processors. The Focus 110 A allows more flexibility and space for the most advanced AV-processor technology. With the ideal amplification already integrated into the speaker, no big AV-Receiver or protruding power amp is needed - just a pre-amp. Additionally, system upgrades and expansion can be carried out step-by-step, in increments from 2.0 stereo up to 12.1 surround. Music is everywhere: The Focus 110 A and multi-room systems. Multi-room audio lets you enjoy your music in any room you wish. With the compact, active Focus 110 A, setting up a system is not just simple, it's also simply a high-end sound experience. And thanks to various different real wood veneers or glossy lacquers, the Focus will also fit into every room and decor. Experience sound in high-definition: The Focus 110 A and flat-screen monitors. Only when mated to really good loudspeakers does hi-def TV or Blu-ray become a true high-end experience. Advanced flat-screen monitors often come equipped with volume-controlled audio-outs, and can thus be connected directly to the active Focus 110 A to achieve an incredible high resolution sound quality. Music, pure and simple: Focus 110 A and compact media players. This is probably the most compact high-end music system: Imagine uncompressed music files stored on a personal media player or iPod™, directly connected to a pair of Focus 110 A. The result will be an unexpected level of sound quality, with unsurpassed ease of use. A true hi fi system: The Focus 110 A in classic two-channel stereo. A compact audiophile office, bedroom or dorm system, or a more traditional high-end stereo can be based on the Focus 110 A: The 110 A can be partnered with a conventional two-channel pre-amp in a stereo hi-fi system, or connected to the pre-outs of an integrated amplifier to create an ideal compact hi fi system. An even more simplified high-end system can be created by partnering the 110 A directly to a CD (or DVD) player - or any audio source (i.e. a DAC, hard disc player or digital radio/satellite receivers) equipped with volume control for that matter. The Dynaudio Focus 110 A: The most versatile high-end compact loudspeaker ever made We are Dealers for Dynaudio with a Retail store in Covina, Ca. We shall support, Install and properly calibrate this system for you. Call us at 626-966-6259 or 626-975-1353. We can also ship these for you.
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