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EgglestonWorks Andra III Mint demos [Expired]

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Click here to view the products and services we offer or call 1-877-289-2014

EgglestonWorks Andra III

Mint DEMO light grey metallic with silver aluminum panels

Few names in audio are as iconic as the EgglestonWorks Andra. The original Andra met with immediate critical acclaim winning Stereophile?s prestigious Speaker of the Year. The EgglestonWorks design team continues their tradition for excellence and quality with the latest in the evolution of the Andra line with the Andra III. The external changes are obvious and include a high-gloss paint finish with the addition of aluminum side panels and baffle plates. Internally, the Andra III employs a completely redesigned network, bass porting for pressure release, carbon-fiber coned midrange drivers, and several other proprietary advances.

The Andra III is available is a standard finish of gray metallic with silver aluminum side and front panels, no more granite. Also, available is piano black with either silver or black (extra charge) aluminum front and side panels.

Please call or email for more information and pricing. As always trades are welcome.

Frequency response is from -3dB @ 18 Hz to well beyond 24,000 Hz.

Efficiency is 88dB.

Impedance is 8 Ohms, nominal. Minimum impedance is 6.3 Ohms.

Tweeter: One 1? cloth dome with a large-diameter vent on its pole piece and a big aperiodic damping chamber which imitates an infinite baffle loading. The tweeter is manufactured on a special production line under laboratory conditions.

Mid-bass: Two 6? carbon fiber, double-magnet drivers, each with a 3? voice coil diameter. Extremely rigid structural physics and the piston-like action of these drivers produce exceptionally quick transients and a complete absence of coloration.

Bass: Two 12? woofers in isobaric configuration, and single ported vented enclosure.

The use of double Cardas rhodium binding posts simplifies full optimization of the speaker and allow for bi-wire or bi-amping configuration.

Damping material or stuffing is Acousta-Stuff, a nylon polymide loose bulk fiber that is tri-lobal (instead of round) and multi-directionally crimped so that the strands interlock to form a very cohesive mass that does not require support and will not settle.

The grills are made of an extremely transparent material which is stretched over a thin steel frame. They attach via magnets which are buried under the surface laminate, allowing the speakers to look as finished with the grills on as with them off.

The footprint is ? x ? x ?H

Net weight, per loudspeaker, is 225 lbs.

The warranty is 6 years on parts and labor.


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