Pure Audio ProjectTrio10 Mundorf-AMT usedPure Audio Project Trio10 Mundorf-AMTPure Audio Project - Trio10 Mundorf AMT, Open Baffle Speakers (with the upgraded Mundorf Silver-Oil/Foil Grade Crossover)If you are looking at this listing then you probably already know how well r...3250.00

Pure Audio Project Trio10 Mundorf-AMT [Expired]

no longer for sale

Pure Audio Project - Trio10 Mundorf AMT, Open Baffle Speakers 
(with the upgraded Mundorf Silver-Oil/Foil Grade Crossover)

If you are looking at this listing then you probably already know how well reviewed and wonderful these speakers are, there is more on the PureAudioProject website


These are 4 months old, the have about 300 listening hours on them, They are in perfect condition. I am downsizing so these are now too big for my office. 

These are fully assembled and do not come with shipping boxes (as they were assembled from so I want to sell them locally in the greater Los Angeles area. Or you could arrange for a shipping service to pack and ship?, I would consider delivering within 100 miles of LA. 

Product Description

  • Only 42cm wide, the Trio10 MundorfAMT plays deep, full body, crystal clear bass down to 40HZ and provides un-comparable sonic clarity and image.
  • Featuring PAP1075, a double magnet 10″ Bass/Mid Woofer designed by Morel specifically for Open Baffle
  • The PAP1075 mechanical and electrical features make it also a great performer of mids in Open Baffle
  • Top grade Mundorf AMT Tweeter AMT 23D6.1, page 22-26 in Mundorf Catalog
  • Perfect time and phase alignment achieved by recessing the AMT Tweeter to the right position
  • Crossovers are all made by Mundorf in Germany and are available in two components grade configurations, MCap Grade and Silver-Oil/Foil Grade
  • Short path two and a half way  audiophile-grade crossover

More features:

  • Size: width: 42cm, height: 115cm, depth: 27cm
  • Sensitivity: 89db
  • Impedance: 4 ohm
  • Baffles Material: Three Layers Bamboo, Natural color 
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