Acoustic PreferenceGracioso 2.0Acoustic Preference Gracioso 2.0 -buy direct - NEWFor sale is a pair of Acoustic Preference Gracioso 2.0 EW (Europe walnut).!!!BUY DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER FOR THE BEST PRICE!!!-Retail price for that model in retail stores is 9.950 EUR (12.800$).-...6800.00

Acoustic Preference Gracioso 2.0 -buy direct - NEW [Expired]

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For sale is a pair of Acoustic Preference Gracioso 2.0 EW (Europe walnut).


-Retail price for that model in retail stores is 9.950 EUR (12.800$).

-We are manufacturer of that High-End quality loudspeakersor and we offer that pair for special action price.
-To create that excellent loudspeakers for you, we need at least 50 hours of hand work of different specialists for wood, electronic, design, testing and quality control.

-Every pair of our loudspeakers are handcrafted on customers demand and we can not produce them in large series, because every piece of wood is separate, every detail is made by our hands and very careful tested before we send them to customers.

-Only if you hear loudspeakers in your room and with your Audio equipment, you can know if you like their sound. You have 30 days time for test our loudspeakers.

-You can get all information’s about loudspeakers direct from creators.
-Buy direct also provide you the best after sell service, because you solve warranty direct with manufacturer.

-For Gracioso line loudspeakers we offer re-waxing of housings if you will maybe made some damage on them.

-That is the only way that customers get the best for their money.

Please check acoustic-preference official site or Google (search for Gracioso 2.0) for all the other details and reviews about those speakers.

Please fell free to contact us for any additional details, via eBay or thru our official acoustic-preference web site.



Speakers will be shipped in original packing, 2 separate wooden boxes at around 35 kg each.

For shipping outside EU states, please contact us!

We can not shipped to states where UPS don’t deliver!


With manufacturers Invoice and 5 years of warranty.

Payment by wire transfer, PayPal or Cash on delivery - COD-for EU only.

For EU states only - COD payment: you pay 50% before shipping and 50% to shipping agent (UPS) when item will delivered.

For states outside EU COD is not possible!



5 years full warranty.

30 day money back guarantee.
Loudspeakers must be returned in original packaging and undamaged.

• 2-way/bass reflex system
• 12 dB/oct/LKR/2200 Hz crossover
• Nominal power, 200 W
• Impedance, 8 Ohm
• Frequency response, 35 Hz - 20 kHz
• Sensitivity, 91 dB / 1W/ 1M
• Dimensions: 260 x 360 x 1000 mm (W x D x H)
• Weight: 29.0 kg/unit.
• Transport Weight: 2 wooden boxes 88.0 kg of UPS volume weight.
Mid-bass section
• 2 x 160 mm Morel High Performance bass-midrange
• One-piece DPC cone/dust cap for smooth, extended response and firm bass
• Large diameter aluminum former for efficient heat transfer
• 75 mm diameter HEXATECH voice coil for high-power handling and superior dynamics
• Massive die-cast open aluminum basket for flat and smooth response
• Natural felt disc for absorption of unwanted reflections

• Morel 28 mm High Performance Elite series tweeter
• ACUFLEX hand-treated soft dome and aluminum faceplate
• HEXATECH voice coil for high-power handling and superior dynamics
• Triple Ferrite magnet system
• Linear motion for high sensitivity, fast transient response and high definition

• 12 dB/oct/LKR/2200 Hz crossover
• Mundorf Air Foil Coils, 99.999% pure OFC copper with Polypropylene insulation.
• Mundorf High-End Audio Grade MKP capacitors, matched to 0.5% tolerance.
• Exclusive custom braid - HGA Solid Silver/Teflon insulated inner wiring
• High quality Bi-wire WBT terminal


From AudioVideo2day review:
By Marco Lisi


Those looking for a speaker next to the music a part of the interior may be integrated, the 2.0 Gracioso certainly agree with its paces. Given the typical design and finish point the manufacturer is on a very specific target audience. That there are people for this type of speakers is beyond dispute. Not everyone is in love with B & W, Kef, Focal, Dali, Wilson, ... Acoustic Preference in every area offers a clear alternative to the more commercial models that our world has. To you to discover ...

For and against
+ Beautiful furniture
+ Finishing
+ Technical characteristics
+ Charming musical signature
+ Magnetic faceplates
+ Easy to control
- Need for bi-wiring
- Not suitable for any interior
- Placing at least one meter from the back wall (2 rear bass ports)

From Mono&Stereo review:
By Matej Isak

»Gracioso 2.0 is a contemporary floor-stander speaker with a true classical genes. Shaped in an oval, lute kind of way mesmerize you the moment you see it. With it's all wooden enclosure and natural paraffin finish Graciso evokes a certain, but instant conclusion. This is an instrument! And that some! Let me tell you that transporting and setting this speaker is not a one man job. It's heavy and a from solid wood. 88 hand selected and carefully naturally dried peaces of walnut are composed into finished product. On the side slightly cut curves ports Gracioso into one of the kind classical and detailed look.

Gracioso 2 carries Morel top of the line tweeter and two (mid and bass range) custom designed drivers. It took some time and different variations of mid drivers to ensure the natural and controlled bass, but result is more than satisfying. You might have your reserves regarding such a small driver providing enough bass, but I can assure you that Gracioso put out more than enough energy in lower registers. For some, there is even too much of it. Figure that out :).
Handling the speaker grill might be not only tedious, but also dangerous job. Grid is normally fixed with plastic spikes that could easily broke or at worst case damage cone of the driver. But hey, Gracioso's grill mounting is a breeze to use. I haven't seen this anywhere else. AP should patent this wit solution. Both speaker and grill use small circle magnets that instantly lock plastic-textile grill to speaker cabinet. What an elegant and clever solution. Everyone should use this, period!«

These days premium product demands a premium service and attitude. From wooden shipping box to solid wood walnut cabinet; Acoustic Preference will caress you in style.
Highly recommended!
Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo 2009

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