Audio PhysicAvantera plus +Audio Physic Avantera plus + Special EditionThese handsome, high-performing Audio Physic Avantera Plus+ Special Edition German speakers are outfitted with internal silver cables, are superbly manufactured, and provide an unparalleled sound e...13950.00

Audio Physic Avantera plus + Special Edition [Expired]

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These handsome, high-performing Audio Physic Avantera Plus+ Special Edition German speakers are outfitted with internal silver cables, are superbly manufactured, and provide an unparalleled sound experience. They are in Excellent condition and work perfectly well. The regular price of these special edition speakers is $30,500 US before taxes and they can be yours for $13,950 US. This price does not include the Ultimate High End feet solution VCF V Magnetic from Audio Physic which can be sold for $1,000 (value of $1,850 US). 

Essentially free of colorations in the mids and highs without gratuitous powder sugar on top, there is a mild emphasis in the upper bass/lower midrange which in the sparsely furnished midsize to larger spaces that its industrial design aims for should be spot on. This voicing is too subtle to impose a personality. It simply injects an iota of saturation which this price class expects. 

Audio Physic knows very well just who they designed this speaker for. Special virtues are exemplary linearity and freedom from coloration from the midrange up; an utter absence of disturbing resonances in the vocal range and treble as is rarely achieved; and soundstage width and depth that’s never limited by the speakers themselves but only by the program material. Relative to the Virgo 25, the Avantera is the more relaxed, authoritative and—given its grander surface area—also more resourceful easeful performer even though both share much common ground. 

• Well extended articulated easeful bass whose clean demeanor without special effects should serve over many years. 
• Very transparent vocal band with proper saturation and weight. 
• Very clean and non-demonstrative treble which avoids prior tendencies toward the bright and emphasized. 
• Resolving power at the highest level relative to stage dimensions as well as to tone colors, dynamics and timing. This introduces new and gripping detail in familiar recordings. • Because all drivers are purpose-designed as a team, such detail specificity doesn’t dissect the whole and instead maintains proper overall flow and integration. 
• Weight is 42 kg (92 pounds) and height is 45.3 inches. 
• Ceramic foam in the woofer chamber = more control, more precision and more bass 
• Special acoustic panels and optimised damping in the midrange driver chamber = much higher resolution, better spatial imaging and increased homogeneity 
• WBT silver terminals and vibration optimised contacts in the tweeter = much higher resolution and better spatial imaging and homogeneity 
• Special customized Clarity Cap capacitors in the mid and lower-mid crossover section = more detail and resolution 

Price does not include shipping and listening to them can be arranged, if you come to Montréal. I can personally deliver the speakers in the eastern United States or Canada for a fee. Speaker cables are not included but can be sold separately.



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